Tuesday, January 31, 2023

HP, Citrix Boost Their Support for Linux

The Linux Foundation has announced that two of its larger corporate members have increased their level of support for the open source organization. HP has upgraded from a Gold membership to a Platinum membership, and Citrix has upgraded from Silver to Gold.

Chris Talbot of Talkin’ Cloud reported, “Open cloud computing just got another boost. Both HP (NYSE: HPQ) and Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS) announced significant investments in Linux and the concept of the open cloud at LinuxCon Europe in Barcelona, Spain. The announcements of the heightened investments came out of The Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to accelerating Linux’s growth. Within the organization, HP has increased its investments to become a Platinum member, while Citrix’s expanded investments has bumped the company up to Gold member status.”

The Register’s Neil McAllister noted, “The new membership level, which requires HP to pay $500,000 in annual dues to the Foundation, puts the PC maker in rarified company. Only Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, NEC, Oracle, Qualcomm, and Samsung also participate at the Platinum level.”

CRN’s Rick Whiting explained, “As a Platinum member HP gains a seat on the foundation’s board of directors and ‘will be directly involved in advancing Linux-based initiatives, workgroups, labs, events and more that support its business goals,’ the foundation said in a statement.”

In a separate press release, The Linux Foundation also announced, “Cloudscaling, CloudSigma, Cloudsoft Corporation and DreamHost are joining the organization.” It continued, “A recent survey conducted by research firm IDC, the results of which are available today in a new white paper, sponsored by The Linux Foundation, titled ‘Open Source Cloud System Software’ (November 2012), shows that 94 percent of the IT users asked believe that collaboration and a vibrant open source ecosystem are important for cloud adoption. Companies like Cloudscaling, CloudSigma, Cloudsoft and DreamHost understand this and are maximizing their investments in Linux by joining The Linux Foundation.”

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