Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Hacker Says Anonymous Still Downloading NATO Data

CBS News: The hacktivist group Anonymous claims to have downloaded more than 1GB worth of data from NATO servers and has posted a few of the documents online. A member of the group known as “Commander X” described the files as “classified NATO procurement and procedure files mostly (though not exclusively) describing NATO secure communications networks.” He added, “Although there may be other incredible stuff we have not found yet in the cache, as it is a HUGE dump and we are only now getting into a lengthy analysis. It will take weeks just to analyze what we have already, and we also STILL have access to the NATO servers and we are STILL downloading databases.”

Although the group tweeted that it wasn’t releasing a lot of the NATO information because it would be “irresponsible,” Commander X said, “Anonymous ALWAYS releases EVERYTHING we take…eventually. But with these big classified dumps we like to take our time analyzing exactly what it is we have. That way we can do the disclosures in such a way as to maximize the political impact of the release.”

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