Saturday, May 18, 2024

Google+ Experiences Outage

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Last Friday, Google+ experienced a short outage that was quickly resolved. However, the real news wasn’t that a social networking site experienced downtime—it was how few people seemed to notice the problem.

TechCrunch’s Sara Perez reported, “Google+ experienced an outage this morning, and almost no one noticed. Gizmodo poked fun. Engadget wrote a few sentences. Someone posted it to Hacker News. Where it gained zero comments. Google+, reportedly the fastest-growing social network in history (or fastest-growing ‘thingy’ ever), and reportedly the second-biggest social network worldwide, experiences an outage, and nothing hits Techmeme. Google+, where the President of the United States just hungout, goes down, but Twitter users (and TechCrunch reporters) only have jokes, not frantic questions and concerns.”

Computerworld’s Sharon Gaudin added, “Google did not say how widespread the outage was or what caused the problem. Users reported receiving a 503 internal server error or had to deal with slow uploads. They also reported that the trouble lasted for varying amounts of time — anywhere from five to 20 minutes.”

Engadget’s Brian Heater noted, “According to folks in the UK, things are moving a lot more swimmingly on that side of the pond.”

In an article titled, “Google+ Is Down, Due To Neglect Probably” Gizmodo’s Leslie Horn commented, “If a social network falls on the internet and nobody’s on it, has it actually fallen at all?”

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