Friday, January 27, 2023

Datamation 2009 Product of the Year Awards: Nominate Your Favorite

It’s time to start nominating products for the Datamation 2009 Product of the Year Awards. The nomination form is here. The nomination process ends on January 23.

Datamation has a long tradition of recognizing and honoring the best IT product vendors through its Product of the Year Awards. For the winners, these annual awards are a mark of distinction and a symbol of achievement in a crowded, highly competitive marketplace.

As enterprise technology evolves, so too does Datamation’s Product of the Year Awards. This year’s contest includes two new categories: Cloud Computing product/solution and Business Laptop. The former reflects arguably the leading trend in enterprise tech today, while the latter is a nod to the busy, on-the-go lives led by IT professionals.

Who and what are eligible for the award? The eligibility guidelines are here. But the major criterion is that the nominated products must have been introduced or significantly updated (e.g. a new release version) within the 2008 calendar year.

Once nominations are in, Datamation’s editorial staff will choose finalists in each category. We’ll post that ballot later this month, giving readers a chance to vote for their favorite enterprise products. Get ready to nominate!

And the categories are:

PC Security Software

Cloud Computing product/solution

Enterprise Linux

Enterprise Security

Business Laptop

Handheld Device

Network and Systems Management Product

Office Productivity Software

Virtualization Software

Mobile Application

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