Thursday, January 26, 2023

Cybercrime Cleanup Costs Spike

InformationWeek: According to the Ponemon Institute’s Second Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study, the cost of recovering from a cyberattack has increased 56 percent this year. There are about 72 successful cyberattacks per week, and it takes the average enterprise 18 days to deal with those attacks. The daily cost of those attacks now averages $23,000, putting the total enterprise costs related to cybercrime over $6 million per year.

The types of attacks enterprises experienced included the following:

  • Viruses, worms, or Trojans (100%)
  • Malware (96%)
  • Botnets (82%)
  • Web-based attacks (64%)
  • Stolen devices (44%)
  • Malicious code (42%)
  • Malicious insiders (30%)
  • Phishing and social engineering (30%)

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