Monday, January 30, 2023

BPOS Customers Face Transition to Office 365

Computerworld: On Tuesday, Microsoft releases Office 365, and that means that current Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) customers have one year to upgrade to the new product. According to Nucleus Research analyst Rebecca Wettemann, the fact that Microsoft has posted a lot of information about how to upgrade from BPOS to Office 365 could actually be bad news for the small businesses who use the service. “If you need an entire website dedicated to explaining to people how you transition to Office 365, you’ve made things pretty complicated for the customer,” she said.

“The process doesn’t seem straight-forward. Microsoft is relying on the customer to do some things that particularly small businesses may not be in a position to do successfully,” she added. “This is e-mail. It’s important. It’s not something people can take casually, even if they’re a small business.”

Microsoft disagreed and said the process only takes “a few clicks.”

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