Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Apple Posts Fix for Bug that Caused High Data Charges

Apple has rolled out a solution for one of the most vexing problems reported by iPhone 5 owners. For some Verizon customers, the new smartphone was sending and receiving data over cell networks even when connected to Wi-Fi, causing some users to exceed their monthly allotment of cell data.

PCMag’s Chloe Albanesius explained, “Many smartphone users connect their phones to Wi-Fi networks while at home or work, which – in theory – should prevent the phones from eating into their data plans. But shortly after the iPhone 5 made its debut in the U.S. on Sept. 21, Verizon users took to the Apple forums to complain about data consumption over Wi-Fi.”

Apple finally acknowledged the problem when it posted a fix on Sunday. According to Apple’s website, “This carrier settings update resolves an issue in which, under certain circumstances, iPhone 5 may use Verizon cellular data while the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.”

A Verizon spokesperson told CNNMoney that customers “will not be charged for any unwarranted cellular data usage.”

“The new iPhone has presented its share of technical flaws, including scrapes and scratches around the edge, static lines on the keyboard when keying in your password, light leaks behind the front display, and a purple halo effect on certain photos,” wrote Cnet’s Steven Musil. “Apple’s new OS has been dinged most severely for its buggy Maps app, which many users found to be underwhelming or inaccurate when compared with Google’s offering.”

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