Sunday, November 27, 2022

Amazon Web Services Launches Sign-On Service

Amazon Web Services has launched a new sign-in service called Login with Amazon. Developers who take advantage of the service will be able to authenticate app or website users via their Amazon, Google or Facebook credentials.

PCMag’s Stephanie Mlot reported, “Tired of remembering a different password for each of your favorite online retailers? Amazon today launched a feature that alleviates that stress. Dubbed Login with Amazon, the new service allows Amazon customers to securely log into participating apps, games, and websites with just one code.”

The Register’s Jack Clark noted, “The AWS Identity and Access Management service now supports log-ins from Google, Facebook or identities, the company announced in a blog post on Tuesday. ‘Web identity federation enables your users to sign in to your app using their, Facebook, or Google identity and authorize them to seamlessly access AWS resources that are managed under your AWS account,’ Jeff Wierer, AWS’s principal product manager for Identity and Access Management, wrote.”

The Wall Street Journal quoted Amazon’s Michael Carr, who said, “Login with Amazon enables app developers and website owners to leverage Amazon’s trusted sign-in solution, allowing them to focus on providing a great experience for their customers.”

VentureBeat’s Ricardo Bilton observed, “For early partner companies like Zappos and Woot (both of which Amazon owns, by the way) Login with Amazon has been pretty successful so far. Zappos says that 40 percent of its new customers used their Amazon credentials, and according to Woot, customers who signed in with Amazon bought the most products.”

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