Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Virtualization Beat: Small Player Targets Virtual Storage

The former head of VMware’s research and development, now heading a storage startup, says storage challenges can hinder broader virtualization deployments. Sean Michael Kerner reports.

Virtualization technology is transforming data centers and enterprises around the globe by enabling better utilization of assets. One piece of the virtualization puzzle that has lagged behind is the storage piece.

Does virtual machine traffic require its own specific type of storage? A storage startup called Tintri, led by the former head of VMware’s research and development, thinks so.

Tintri’s co-founder and CEO, Kieran Harty told InternetNews.com that in his experience, storage is often the barrier to broader virtualization deployments.

“What we have built is a hardware appliance that is not general purpose storage, rather it is specifically for virtualization environments,” Harty said. “It does not have the traditional storage concepts of volumes or other low level details; instead it deals with things at the virtual machine level.”

The Tintri storage appliance includes more than 1 TB of flash memory, which is made up of nine 160 GB flash drives that are supplemented by 15 SATA drives. Chris Bennett, vice president of marketing at Tintri told InternetNews.com, that the flash drives are all providing inline access with de-duplication and compression and RAID6 data protection. Bennet noted that the Tintri compression technology is able to take a 1 TB database down to only 170 GB of physical space.

Read the rest about this virtual storage startup at Infostor.

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