Monday, January 30, 2023

Symantec Offers Subscription Security, Storage via Amazon EC2

Symantec on Wednesday announced its now offering its flagship security and storage applications as a subscription service through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Customers looking to quickly deploy and manage Symantec’s (NASDAQ: SYMC) enterprise-class Endpoint Protection and Veritas Storage Foundation applications can pay an hourly or monthly rate through the EC2 interface rather than installing the security and storage management applications on site.

“It’s significant in the sense that issues of security and information management are top of mind for companies of all sizes right now,” John Magee, Symantec’s vice president of product marketing, told “With more and more organizations leveraging Amazon EC2 for their Web sites, customers want to have Symantec protecting those servers and managing those storage servers with the same reliability and security as an on-premise customer.”

Magee said Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) EC2’s leadership position in the cloud computing space made it a natural partner for launching Symantec’s first third-party-hosted, on-demand offering.

“The cloud model is of interest to organizations of all sizes and Amazon is a clear leader in this space,” he said. “We’re seeing people going to the cloud model for deployment to handle spikes in workloads during the holiday season when they need additional processing power or to get an application up quickly rather than waiting for their IT organizations to find the budget and time to do it internally.”

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