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Top Data Storage Companies

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With the amount of data being produced within a business, data storage is essential, however; around 68% of organizations report that they are unable to realize measurable value from data. 

The data storage market was valued at $58.4 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach $128.94 billion by 2030, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% from 2022 to 2030, according to Verified Market Research.

Dell Technologies estimates that 70% of organizations plan to modernize their storage and data protection.  

Read more to learn about the top data storage companies on the market and how they can find what they need for their business: 

Top data storage center companies

Pure Storage

Pure Storage, based in Mountain View, California, is a data solution focused on data storage. Pure Storage works with next-generation technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). 

Pure Storage’s technology offers solutions to data storage and any issues with it. The company allows enterprises to deploy and manage vast volumes of data. Pure Storage’s portfolio features several all-flash hardware and software offerings. Pure also offers Purity, a software engine for coordinating data. Purity relies on REST APIs, to help with third-party applications. Pure Storage has a range of data storage products FlashArray//XL, Flashblade//S, Flashblade, FlashStack, Evergreen//one, Evergreen//flex, and Pure1. Which fall under three of Pure Storage’s categories: products, subscriptions, and software. 

“Pure Storage is simple, intuitive, and reliable. I’ve had no major issues in four years of working with the product. I really love the Evergreen option – allowing us to upgrade our arrays every three years, completely non-disruptively and only at the cost of keeping up maintenance on the array,” says a customer on G2.


  • Four partner options
  • Works with AWS
  • Modular upgrades


For pricing, go to Pure Storage’s pricing calculator.

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IBM is a leader in computing and storage solutions. They continue to grow and change in the storage space. Their products and services help to simplify access to a company’s data.

IBM has many available solutions when it comes to data storage. Flash storage has access to NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) to retain data even if errors occur. IBM also has a storage solution for data and AI for a business’s infrastructure that is scalable and globally available. Container-enabled enterprise storage for any physical or hybrid storage unit for easier access to data using IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift. 

Other storage solutions include IBM Storage as a Service (SaaS), storage for NVIDIA, storage for IBM Cloud Paks, storage virtualization, and storage software-defined storage (SDS).

“IBM Cloud storage object is a flexible, cost-efficient, and limitless data storage cloud service. It can support the exponential growth of the increasing data storage load with high-speed file transfer, cross-region offers, and integrated services. … Now the developers and IT teams can rely upon a trustworthy source that is IBM cloud storage,” says a customer of IBM’s data storage on Gartner Peer Insights.


  • Visibility and reporting
  • API support from Openstack Swift
  • Vault cross-region tiers


For pricing, go to IBM’s marketplace page.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is a technology company that can develop and help support computers and related products and services. Dell aims to create new products as technology grows and changes. As data grows, Dell Technologies produces multiple data storage solutions.

Dell Technologies engineers noticed that there were new changing market conditions and new business opportunities as the use of big data and analytics increased. Dell offers many data storage solutions and software, including Dell EMC PowerMax, PowerStore, PowerScale, PowerFlex, and Unity XT. Dell Technologies also supports NVMe and aims to have storage-class memory and use Intel Optane Solid State Drives.

“We are looking to continue to expand the environment and can do so in different ways with Dell EMC PowerFlex … For example, if we have a greater storage need, we can increase storage capacity. If we have a higher compute requirement, we can flex that within the same managed framework. We can flex different resources within the environment independent of one another to some degree, but still can keep that same kind of management structure and architecture,” says a customer with Dell in an IDC report.


  • Runs VMware
  • NVMe and SCM
  • Offers hardware root of trust


For pricing, go to Dell’s premier products page.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Spring, Texas-based Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is an information technology company that creates solutions for data, from data storage to recovery. 

HPE offers many different data storage solutions, from VDI storage to entry-level storage solutions. Their software and applications help companies with their storage needs. HPE Nimble is their most popular solution.

Their solutions include the HPE Backup and Recovery for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises storage. Zerto protects data from ransomware and disaster recovery; HPE GreenLake for HCI helps manage the systems; HPE InfoSight offers AI-powered operations; HPE Alletra helps critical business applications, remote needs, and tests and gives analytics for cloud storage; HPE Apollo 4000 and HPE Ezmeral help transfer data to the cloud.

“Excellent storage product, easy to deploy and manage. Tech Support is some of the best in the business,” a customer on Gartner Peer Insights says about HPE Nimble.


  • Seven types of data storage
  • Can use self-service, on-demand VMs
  • Provides cloud and physical storage


For pricing, go to HPE’s buy storage page.

Microsoft Azure

Based in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft Corporation, the parent company of Microsoft Azure, is a top player in the technology industry, working on software, hardware, and other technology solutions. Microsoft Azure noticed the growth in data storage software, and they have built solutions to help. 

Azure Storage, part of Microsoft Azure, has multiple options for data storage. They have specific solutions for file storage, NoSQL databases, and analytical databases. The most popular of these products is the Azure Storage Blobs which can store pictures, documents, HTML files, virtual hard disks (VHDs), big data such as logs, and database backups. Blobs are compared to files in Microsoft’s report, and an unlimited amount of blobs are stored in containers.

Other products for data storage are Azure Data Lake, Azure Cosmos DB, HBase on HDInsight, and Azure Data Explorer. All of the data stored by Microsoft Azure have disaster recovery, availability options, encryption, and Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC).

“We use Azure Blob Storage for storing our media content and as backup cloud storage for our servers in our organization. Which is a cost-effective way to store our organization’s data. Azure Blob Storage helps us to create data lakes for our analytics easily, and four storage tiers fulfill all our cloud storage needs,” a customer of Azure Blob Storage on TrustRadius.


  • MBCS compatibility
  • Six software options
  • Handles unstructured data


For pricing, go to the Azure pricing page and click Azure Blob Storage pricing.


Equinix, based in Silicon Valley, is a digital infrastructure company that aims to integrate their global platform to connect the foundational infrastructure for cloud, networking, storage, computing, and software.

Equinix is a well-known data center company, but Equinix also provides a hybrid storage solution with their partner Dell Technologies. APEX Data Storage Services is a portfolio of elastic storage resources that enables enterprise customers to remove data center risks. APEX Data Storage Services is backed by a storage infrastructure that reduces the challenges of data center and infrastructure management.

“Although our digital pathology image capacity grows by leaps and bounds, we no longer worry about running out of space on PowerScale. Our storage capacity becomes less expensive on a per-terabyte basis as it grows, encouraging us to retain data. With digital, remote access to full patient histories, multiple sets of eyes can analyze data and share viewpoints… ,” says Nikolas Stathonikos, principal investigator for AI development and implementation at UMC Utrecht.


  • Works with Pure Storage
  • Owns 1,800 network service providers
  • Align IT with company goals


For pricing, go to the contact sales page.


Based in Tokyo, Kioxia is known for their flash memory and SSD solutions. As the first company to invent the NAND flash memory, Kioxia aims to assist companies in their data needs.

One of Kioxia’s focuses is software-defined technology and sample hardware based on PCIe and NVMe technology. Their technology separates flash storage from legacy HDD protocols, allowing flash to have full capability and potential as a storage media. Kioxia has a wide-reaching portfolio for both memory technology and enterprise SSD. The memory tools: BiCS FLASH, UFS and e-MMC for consumer and industrial services, Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash Memory, and XL-FLASH. For enterprise SSDs, each tool has different functions. Some tools that are used are FL Series, CM Series, PM Series, and KumoScale software.

“As our digital society and technological innovation continues to move forward, the amount of data being generated, stored and utilized is increasing exponentially, leading to a new era of memory. As KIOXIA, we will lead this new era by leveraging our creative technology to further enrich people’s lives and expand possibilities within society through innovative memory solutions,” says Nobuo Hayasaka, president and CEO, Kioxia.


  • Invented NAND flash memory
  • More controller channels
  • Global offices


For pricing, go to Kioxia’s contact sales page.

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London-based Zoolz is a technology, information, and internet provider focused on cloud-based storage. Zoolz is best known for their backup system, which covers everything from desktops to external drives. Data storage is also one of Zoolz’s solutions.

Zoolz has data storage solutions under Zoolz BigMind: hot storage, cold storage, media storage, and hybrid+. Hot storage stores reduced-size items to keep critical data on demand. Cold storage contains large amounts of data that is not often accessed by the company. Media storage covers videos, audio, and photos that can be shared and viewed on-demand. Hybrid+ storage covers hot, cold, and media storage in one.

“What I like the most about Bigmind is that it is an ease-to-use application to store files in the cloud and be able to access them immediately when needed. … It has very useful tools such as changing the display modes of the stored images, changing the names, and organizing folders. Another positive aspect about the application is that the file upload is quite fast and the application contains a search service with which you can locate your files very quickly. … Another positive point about BigMIND is that you can automatically accept or reject files by name or size. Something that is very useful for not making mistakes and not wasting time,”  says a Zoolz customer on G2.


  • Centralized control
  • Cold storage
  • Built with AWS


For pricing, go to the Zoolz pricing page.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Seattle-based Amazon Web Services (AWS), part of parent company Amazon, is a large company with different technology focuses, including data storage. 

AWS has numerous data storage solutions including Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon Elastic File System, Amazon FSx for multiple providers, and AWS backup. The two most used data storage solutions are Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and AWS Storage Gateway. 

Amazon S3 is an object storage service that offers scalability, data availability, and security. They also work with websites, mobile applications, backup and restore, archive, enterprise applications, IoT devices, and big data analytics. AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid data storage service that handles on-premise business applications. It can be used for backup and archiving disaster recovery, cloud data processing, storage tiering, and migration. 

“AWS Storage Gateway is the most preferred storage platform in our company. It offers both on-premise and cloud storage services for all our data and files. My graphics team relies highly on this product to save our graphic design portfolios and all work that we need for future reference. Security to our data is guaranteed under this platform and it provides faster data transfer rates,” says an AWS customer on TrustRadius.


  • Uses buckets
  • Compliance capability
  • Data archiving


For pricing, go to the AWS pricing calculator.

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara, under parent company Hitachi, Ltd, aims to apply their industrial and digital capabilities to their data and applications to benefit both business and society. Storage is a focus of the company, with multiple types of solutions.

Hitachi Vantara has multiple data storage portfolios. Primary block storage and object storage bridge are the two largest portfolios for their data storage software. They also have software-defined storage, file storage, and mainframe storage to cover all enterprise needs.

“From the very beginning, Disney Parks have been an example of how innovation and incredible stories and characters can come together to create something truly special. Working with Hitachi Vantara and its portfolio of data-driven technologies, we can continue to take our guests on unbelievable adventures delivering consistently outstanding experiences for every guest, every time,” says Trevor Larsen, executive VP, facilities and operations services, Disney Parks.


  • Five solutions for data storage
  • Partners with VMware
  • Uses AI in storage solutions


For pricing, go to the contact us page.

Data storage features

  • Storage management and monitoring
  • Storage analytics and insights
  • Orchestration
  • Storage monitoring

Data storage benefits

  • Data preservation: data integrity checks, format migrations, and descriptive records
  • Data continuity and accessibility: data all in one place protected by the storage choice
  • Quicker data recovery: saves from lost data, accidentally deleted data, or corrupted data
  • Essential security for data: updates and keeps data safe

Data storage use cases 

Southern Apennine District Basin Authority

The Apennine mountain range holds the water resources for Italy and is susceptible to climate change. The District Basin Authority governs and protects its water resources. It is responsible for monitoring the resources and preventing natural disasters, and human-made hazards. The Authority aimed to build a network of remote sensors that could survey the water system and analyze the data using various technologies.

Southern Apennine District Basin Authority acquired help from Hitachi Vantara. Their data storage helped to store and protect water resources. Provided visibility of problems around springs and watercourses, enabled governance of instability caused by natural factors, and had a faster response to incidents with direct connection to emergency services.

“Our digital transformation will enable these IoT and big data analytics tools to be adopted for environmental and natural territory monitoring in other contexts, with huge benefits not only for the protection of environmental resources but also for the social and economic protection of the areas where it is adopted,” says Vera Corbelli, Secretary General, Southern Apennine District Basin Authority


Roblox is a gaming platform, with millions of users joining in every day. With Portworx, Roblox manages storage to support container-based services. Because of Roblox’s size, they needed a storage company to handle their data. They chose Pure Storage to help.

Roblox’s users had their information very safe with the IT transformation. Pure Storage sets up a development cluster, scales platform capacity reduced from weeks to days, and the team has more time to improve user experience.

“With Portworx, we get that same ubiquitous storage access for our container systems no matter where we deploy it. This ultimately saves costs, which allows us to hire more people and to invest more into the platform to provide a better player experience,” says Rob Cameron, senior technical director, Roblox.

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