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Posted December 21, 2009

Cynthia Harvey

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451. WampServer

WampServer automatically installs Apache, PHP, MySQL, PHPmyadmin and SQLitemanager on any Windows system. Operating System: Windows.

452. XAMPP The XAMPP developers created this software to make it easier to install Apache Web Server. As a bonus, it also includes MySQL, PHP & PEAR, Perl, phpMyAdmin, OpenSSL, and a number of other programs that vary depending on which OS version you download. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS/X, Solaris.

Open Source Speech

453. eSpeak

eSpeak reads the text on your screen aloud. It works with English and dozens of other languages, and lets you select among several different computerized voices. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris.

454. Simon

Designed for people with handicaps that make using the mouse and keyboard difficult, Simon lets you control your PC with your voice. The original program documentation and parts of the Web site are in German, but English versions are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

Open Source Systems Administration Tools

455. Appupdater

Appupdater simplifies the life of systems administrators by automating the process of keeping multiple workstations up-to-date with the latest versions of software. It’s completely customizable, so you retain control of how often to check for updates, which types of software to update, etc. Operating System: Windows

456. Inside Security Rescue Toolkit

This toolkit packs tons of useful apps and a full, bootable Linux system into a package that fits on a single CD-ROM. Among the more useful features are the included partition support, network analysis, disaster recovery, anti-virus, and forensics tools. Operating System: Linux.

457. MyLogon

Designed primarily for small businesses, MyLogon is a Windows applet that allows users to log on to a network fileserver. It allows for simple network account management without the need for expensive software, and it even allows Windows XP Home edition users to connect to a network. Operating System: Windows

458. Networking Commands for Windows

If you’d rather perform network configuration and maintenance activities from the command line instead of a GUI, check out Networking Commands for Windows. This collection of command-line tools lets you use a small list of short, easy-to-remember commands to perform day-to-day systems administration activities. Operating System: Windows

459. ProShield

Designed primarily for Debian and Ubuntu, ProShield scans your system to make sure your software is up-to-date and that you haven't picked up any malware. It also reminds you to backup your system, checks your available disk space, and performs other routine maintenance checks. Operating System: Linux.

460. Webmin

This interface allows you to set up Unix user accounts, change passwords, and perform other system admin tasks from any Web browser. You can perform more than 100 different functions. Operating System: Unix.

Open Source Time Tracking

461. eHour

For consultants, freelancers, lawyers, and other small businesses that charge by the hour, eHour makes it easy to track time spent by multiple employees on multiple projects for multiple clients. It's available in both a standalone version and a server-based version. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac.

462. Rachota

If your New Year’s resolution is to make better use of your time, Rachota can help. It makes it easy to track the amount of time you spend on each project, and it can create html reports so that you can see where all your time went. Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Text Editors

463. AkelPad

Designed to be small and fast, AkelPad offers basic text editing with numerous plug-ins that add other features. Standard features include multi-window mode, file preview, multi-level undo, and more. 464. jEdit

jEdit has a number of special features for coders, but it can be used by anyone who needs a basic text editor. One of its best features is that it remembers all the pieces of text you’ve cut and pasted and the pieces of text you’ve previously deleted. Operating System: OS Independent

465. Notepad++

If you use Windows Notepad on a regular basis, you might be interested in this replacement. It adds a number of features that are particularly helpful when writing code, as well as features like zoom in and out, bookmarks, and macros, which are helping for general use as well. Operating System: Windows

466. TEA

This GTK+-based text editor supports a number of different coding languages, but it is especially helpful for writing HTML. It’s very small but includes a file manager, spellchecker, search function, and more. Operating System: Linux/Unix, OS X, Solaris.

467. Zile

Short for "Zile is Lossy Emacs," Zile is a small text editor that looks very similar to the popular Emacs editor. It packs many features into just 100KB, including multi-level undo, multi-window display, killing, yanking, register, and word wrap. Operating System: Linux/Unix.

Open Source To-Do Lists/Schedulers

468. RedNotebook

RedNotebook combines a calendar with text so that it can be used as a daily journal or a to-do list. You can also attach images and links, and you can export your data to html or plain text. Operating System: Windows, Linux

469. Task Coach

Unlike many to-do list programs, task coach makes it possible to deal with composite tasks; in other words, you can break a task down into smaller components and cross each component off as it is completed. You can also add attachments and track budgets or time spent on various tasks. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, and others.

Open Source Typing

470. Klavaro

In addition to the standard "qwerty" keyboard, Klavaro supports five other international keyboards and even lets you custom design your own keyboard. It includes a basic course for learning the locations of letters, as well as exercises for increasing adaptability (typing unfamiliar words), velocity, and fluidness. It also includes a progress tracking and a Linux-only game where students can challenge each other in the fluidness exercises. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

471. TuxType

In addition to typing lessons, TuxType includes two games for practicing your keyboarding skills. In Fish Cascade, kids help Tux the Linux penguin eat fish by typing the correct letters, and in Comet Zap, they save Tux from destruction by typing the correct letters. With its simple nature and cartoon character, this app is best for elementary-school kids who are just learning their way around the keyboard. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Open Source Utilities

472. UltraDefrag

Need to defrag your hard drive? Unlike the defragmenter tool that comes with Windows, UltraDefrag lets you defrag on startup for maximum speed. You can also configure it to shut down your system when it's finished, so you can leave it working at night after you go to bed. Operating System: Windows

473. HDGraph

Wondering how in the world you managed to fill up 80GB worth of hard drive space? HD Graph lets you see the reasons in a flash by drawing a multi-level pie chart that details how much space each directory and subdirectory is consuming. Operating System: Windows

474. KShutdown

The normal shutdown procedure from the works fine most of the time, but Kshutdown adds a lot of extra features. Most useful seems to be the delay option which lets you shutdown or restart your system at a later date or time. Operating System: Windows, Linux

475. Kysrun

Originally designed for the Eee, Kysrun lets you open applications, link to bookmarks, or perform other operations by typing a few letters instead of hunting through menus. As you begin typing one letter at a time, Kysrun brings up a list of all applications on your system with those letters in the name, and you simply click on the one you want. Operating System: Linux

476. Startup Manager

Get control over the Windows startup process. Startup Manager lets you decide which programs load at Startup—potentially speeding up the process. Operating System: Windows

477. Windows Leaks Detector

This no-frills app can attach to any running Windows process and detect memory leaks. It groups leaks together by call stack for easier debugging. Operating System: Windows.

Open Source User Authentication

478. Smart Sign

Smart Sign offers several different modules that help you use smart cards for user authentication and digital signatures. It supports a number of different card types and readers, as well as the Open CA certification authority. Operating System: Linux.

479. WiKID

The WiKID community version provides open-source, two-factor authentication for VPN, online banking, extranet access, and more. The commercially available enterprise version adds support and some proprietary code that cannot be released under GPL. Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Video Tools

480. Avidemux

Avidemux is a video editing tool that supports avi, DVD compatible mpeg files, mp4 and asf. Despite its name, it doesn’t have nearly as many features as Avid, but is suitable for hobbyists and home users. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD.

481. DivXRepair

Experiencing problems playing AVI files? DivXRepair may be able to help. Operating System: Windows.

482. DVDx

DVDx lets you back up DVDs or convert between a variety of video formats. (Note that it does not allow you to get around DRM features on protected DVDs.) They just released version 2.20 earlier this year, and it fixes several bugs present in earlier builds. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

483. FFDShow

This MPEG-4 decoder offers excellent video quality while consuming very little CPU power. It can also encode and decode a number of audio formats. Operating System: Windows.

484. Jahshaka

Jahshaka is a real-time video editor that lets you add special effects, animation, music, and more. It also works well in multi-user, media-sharing environments. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

485. LiVES

This tool allows video editors and VJs to mix, trim, and edit video clips from a simple interface. Originally named "Linux Video Editing System," LiVES now works with multiple platforms. Operating System: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X.

486. Miro

This HD Video player works with most kinds of video files, including YouTube files, and it offers a library of 6,000 internet TV shows and video podcasts. And because it supports HD, it works well even on really big screens. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

487. Movica

This graphical video editor let you edit WMV, FLV, RM and MPG files. The features are pretty basic, but you can edit, join, or split movies to your heart’s content. Operating System: Windows.

488. VirtualDub

Virtualdub isn’t the most feature-rich video editor you’ll find, but it does provide fast video capture and processing of AVI files. It’s useful for basic trimming and cleaning up footage, and also has batch processing capabilities. Operating System: Windows.

Open Source Vulnerability Assessment

489. Metasploit

One of the best ways to test the security of your network is to use the same tools hackers are likely to be using. As the standard attack and penetration toolkit, Metasploit gives you the opportunity to find vulnerabilities before the black hats do. Operating System: Windows, Unix.

490. Nikto

Nikto scans Web servers for thousands of dangerous files and server-specific problems. Optional automatic updates are available. Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD.

491. Paros

This Java-based scanner intercepts all http and https data transmitted between server and client to help evaluate the security of Web applications. It includes a spider, proxy-chaining, intelligent scanning for XSS and SQL injections, and more. Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Web Filtering

492. iSAK

The "Internet Secure Access Kit" (iSAK) lets you view reports on what type of sites your users are visiting and when. Of course, it also gives you the option to block specific sites or categories of sites for security or to prevent access to objectionable sites. It also incorporates anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Operating System: Linux.

Open Source Web Page Editors

493. Amaya

Developed by W3C, Amaya incorporates a Web browser and a Web page editor into a single application. Originally, it was designed to support HTML and CSS, but it has been extended to include some support for XML as well. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

494. Firebug

If you're comfortable editing code, Firebug is a fabulous tool for editing your Web pages live. It integrates with Firefox and makes it easy to search, edit, and find errors in your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

495. Nvu/Kompozer

Nvu (pronounced N-view) includes both a WYSIWYG page editor and an HTML editor, making it easy to design pages that look good and have fairly clean code. The site has extensive help to walk newbies through the process of registering a domain name and finding a host for your site. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

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