Sunday, February 5, 2023

Why Intel Invests in Open Source [VIDEO]

Few if any companies in the world today are as deeply involved in open source work as tech giant Intel. Helping to lead Intel’s open source efforts is Imad Sousou, VP in Intel’s Software and Services Group and GM of the Intel Open Source Technology Center

In a video interview, Sousou explains why Intel participates and contributes broadly to myriad open-source projects, notably including the Linux kernel and the OpenStack cloud.

“The fundamental reason why open source is important to Intel is that our customers use open source,” Sousou said.

At the most basic fundamental level, when someone decides on running a piece of software, Intel wants that person to have the best experience possible, running that software on Intel’s hardware.

From an industry perspective, Sousou emphasized that the closed world of a box with proprietary software only on it is a world that is gone and is not coming back.

“Today, it’s a world of open source and open innovation,” Sousou said.

Watch the full video with Imad Sousou below:

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