Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Where Does Ubuntu Fit Into the Internet of Things?

Ubuntu Linux started off as a desktop focused Linux distribution, but has expanded to multiple areas of the years. Ubuntu Linux is today a leading Linux server and cloud vendor and has aspirations to move into the embedded world, known today as the Internet of Things (IoT).

In a video interview, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical Inc., details some of the progress his firm has made in 2016 in the IoT world.

Ubuntu has made past announcements about phone and TV efforts. While multiple Ubuntu phones exist, the standalone Ubuntu TV effort has evolved somewhat. Shuttleworth explained that Ubuntu Core, which is an optimized distribution of Ubuntu for embedded systems, is making some headway with TVs.

Ubuntu Core is also useful in the networking space, helping to power Top of Rack (ToR) networking switches. Shuttleworth said that Ubuntu is now used in robotics, drones and digial signage. Ubuntu Core has also found its way into a General Electric (GE) refrigerator as the IoT world continues to evolve.

While time has been kind to Ubuntu in 2016, one area where Ubuntu isn’t found today is on smartwatches. Will there be an Ubuntu smartwatch in 2017?

“We have no plans for an ubuntu watch right now,” Shuttleworth said.

Time will tell, if that changes.

Watch the video interview with Mark Shuttleworth below:

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