Saturday, December 3, 2022

Lite Linux Window Managers: Three Choices


Of the three, fvwm looks most like a
‘normal’ window manager. It’s pretty basic, though. When you start it up for
the first tine, there’s no desktop decoration at all. No menu bar, no docking
bay; the only thing you can do is to click on the desktop, which fires up a
basic menu.

However, one of the options on the menu allows you to create your own
configuration file. The form (which isn’t wildly user-friendly) allows you to
set up modules which will provide some desktop furniture (a pager and icon
manager, for example). Graphically, though, the modules are pretty horrible
– I’d rather just stick with no desktop furniture at all and just use
the menu.

<em>fvwm</em>” border=”0″></a><br /><em>fvwm</em></p>
<p>You can edit the <tt>~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc</tt> file to make changes to the<br />
look-and-feel.  More usefully, you can also use this file to set up your own<br />
root (and other) menus, which means you can customise the desktop-click menu<br />
to fit your own usage.  Manual config editing like this is great if<br />
you want maximum control over your desktop experience.</p>
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