Tuesday, November 29, 2022

KDE 4.4 Moves Linux Desktop Forward

Ever since the first KDE 4
release in 2008
, the KDE open source desktop has been evolving to
provide a different type of experience for Linux users

With the KDE Software Compilation (SC) 4.4 release today, KDE’s desktop
evolution continues with more than 1,400 new features and nearly 7,300 bugs

“KDE SC 4.4 is about both incremental evolution as well as continuing to
make great strides forward in our pursuit of power and elegance,” KDE core
developer Aaron J. Seigo told InternetNews.com. “While there have
been many performance improvements and defect fixes along with incremental
improvements such as multi-touch support, we also have a lot of new things
in KDE SC 4.4 ranging from applications such as Blogilo, to the over 20 new
plugins for Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook, new semantic desktop features
and a number of tools for large and managed deployments of KDE software.”

Read the rest at Linux Planet.

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