New Google Tools to Make the Search Engine More All-Knowing

The company is now incorporating Gmail messages into search results.


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The New York Times: On Wednesday, Google announced several changes to its Web search services. The most controversial new feature will incorporate search results from personal Gmail accounts with Google's Web search results. Personal messages won't be visible to the entire world--only to the individual users who search while logged in to their Google accounts. Also, the feature will initially be available only to the first million users who sign up to try it out. “We have to do this very carefully, we know that,” said Google's Amit Singhal. “These are very useful things, services we need to bring to our users, and that’s the only way we can build the search of the future that we all want.”

Other updates include voice search that responds with audible results--similar to Apple's Siri--and improvements to the Knowledge Graph.

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