Top IoT Projects: 8 Case Studies

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Top IoT Projects: 8 Case Studies

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Nearly everyone seems to agree that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be huge – and IoT is clearly on its way. But not everyone understands exactly how their own organizations might benefit from the new technology.

In a December 2017 forecast, IDC predicted that worldwide IoT spending will hit $772.5 billion this year, 14.6 percent more than last year. And the firm believes that spending growth will continue through at least 2021, when total revenues will reach $1.1 trillion.

It added that the industry doing the most spending, by far, in 2018 will be manufacturing ($189 billion), followed by transportation ($85 billion) and utilities ($73 billion). Revenues for things that all companies might use, like connected vehicles and smart buildings, will approach $92 billion, while consumers will spend around $62 billion on IoT devices.

But what, exactly, will all these organizations and consumers be buying?

IoT technology allows people to connect nearly anything to the Internet, and that's a pretty broad scope.

To help flesh out the IoT trend with some details, Datamation researched some case studies of organizations that have already begun using IoT technology to help them improve their business and/or the products and services they offer customers. The following slides highlight eight IoT case studies that were particularly interesting and offer an overview of the wide range of ways that IoT devices might be useful.

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