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Juniper Networks: Networking Portfolio Review

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Juniper Networks is a multinational developer of networking solutions that simplify network operations. 

In 2020, it generated a net revenue of $4.4 billion, and the company expects it to go up by 6% year over year in 2021.

One of the primary reasons for its steady growth is Juniper Networks’ diverse networking portfolio.

See below for a review of Juniper Networks and where it stands in the networking market:

Juniper Networks Networking Portfolio

Wi-Fi Assurance

Wi-Fi Assurance is a cloud-based service powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). It automates wireless operations, making Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable.

  • Network automation with APIs
  • Root cause analysis and identification
  • Troubleshooting with packet capturing
  • Optimizations of wireless networks performance
  • Access to resources securely

Wired Assurance

The Juniper Mist Wired Assurance service introduces Mist AI to access-layer switching. It streamlines network management, operations, and automation by optimizing hardware connections through Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches.

  • Proactive root cause identification
  • Cloud-powered network configuration and management
  • AI-driven insights
  • Third-party integration with open APIs
  • Fast building and deployment of campus fabric architectures

Wireless Access Points

Juniper Wireless Access Points work alongside Mist AI and Juniper Mist Cloud Services to deliver reliable wireless access solutions.

  • AI-driven network insights
  • Customizable service-level expectations
  • AI-powered automated support
  • Compatible with cloud-first microservices architecture

Juniper Mist Edge

Juniper Mist Edge provides scalable and resilient network operations, management, troubleshooting, and analytics using the Juniper Mist Cloud. 

  • Seamless transitioning from legacy controlled architectures to Juniper Mist microservices cloud
  • Support for elastic and scalable clusters
  • Reliable Virtual LAN extensions to distributed branches and telecommuters

Juniper Network Switches

Juniper Network Switches are a collection of networking hardware that connects devices on your computer network. They are cloud-grade, high-density Ethernet switches that connect across your data center, campus, and branches.

  • AI-powered automation and insights
  • Reliable connection with minimal downtime
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Compatible with Junos OS and other Juniper solutions

Juniper SONiC Implementation

Juniper’s SONiC Implementation enables you to combine the power of Juniper hardware and routing technology with flexibility, reliability, and cost-efficiency. With SONiC, Juniper switching platforms can plug directly into the cloud.

  • Unified OS across the cloud and network
  • Open and disaggregated architecture that increases flexibility
  • Easy implementation and upgrades
  • Compatibility with Juniper’s containerized routing engine

Junos Operating System

Junos OS automates network operations and prompts precision and efficiency by freeing up valuable time and limited resources. It creates a consistent operational experience end to end over your network’s infrastructure.

  • Reduces the time required for deploying OS network-wide
  • Offers rich APIs, command library, and scripting support
  • Integration with standard automation and orchestration frameworks
  • Highly scalable software that matches evolving requirements

Session Smart Router

Juniper Sessions Smart Router is an advanced, service-centered networking solution that provides a flexible and application-aware network fabric with enterprise quality and requirements.

  • Zero-trust security
  • Fail-safe, network-wide service delivery
  • Built-in orchestration and automation capabilities
  • App-aware routing

Juniper Networking Routers

Juniper Networking Routers come in a variety of collections, sizes, and capabilities that allow you to connect your devices and computers to the internet.

  • Scalable, programmable, and resilient
  • High network capacity and agility
  • Physical and virtual security features
  • Cost efficiency
  • Access to next-generation IP networks

Policy Enforcer

Juniper Policy Enforces is a threat management policy distribution and modification based on user intent. With Policy Enforcer, new devices to the network are automatically covered by security policies.

  • DDoS attacks detection and mitigation
  • Threat mitigation in private and public cloud
  • Customizable threat feeds
  • Automatic tracking and blocking of infected hosts
  • Dynamic access control policies based on metadata

Juniper Networks Partners

The Juniper Partner Advantage Program is a partnership program that allows you access to the combined benefits of the Juniper and Mist partner programs.

Partnerships with Juniper aim to streamline business transactions by increasing incentives, offering a new, cutting-edge partner portal, and focusing on aligning sales requests with growth intents.

A few U.S.-based Juniper Networks partners include Nexum, Verizon Business, ePlus technology, and Apollo Information Systems.

Juniper Networks Use Case

Juniper Networks has a long and credible history of helping major corporations with networking solutions.

One company that used various Juniper Networks solutions to improve its services is 2degrees, a New Zealand telecom company that covers 98.5% of work and living places in the country.

2degrees’ primary goal is to offer accessible and affordable mobile and broadband services to the people of New Zealand. One way they diversify their customer demographic is by cutting costs without reducing the quality of the services.

As standards get higher, 2degrees was looking for a way to optimize their network on a budget.

In order to efficiently manage the ever-increasing bandwidth and endpoints in their network, 2degree used several offerings from Juniper: data center, Junos OS, Network Automation, and Juniper Routers and Switches by Juniper Networks. 

“Juniper helped us transition from 10GbE to 100GbE so that we could easily scale and manage increased bandwidth demand,” says Rob Graham, the head of transport network at 2degrees. “We can do regression testing in as little as five minutes to a day, whereas before it took four weeks. 

“We were spending two hours per box. Now, we save almost 100 minutes per box using Ansible, Python, and Juniper.”

Leveraging Juniper APIs, 2degrees engineers were able to cut time and automate operations to a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Now, they can expect to grow to meet further demand in a matter of days instead of weeks.

User Reviews of Juniper Networks

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate networking industry, Juniper Networks has maintained a reputation for high-quality software and hardware networking solutions.

Reviews from various third-party websites confirm that the vast majority of Juniper Networks’ clients are pleased with the services.

G2: 4.5 out of 5

Capterra: 4.5 out of 5

Gartner Peer Insights: 4.6 out of 5

TrustRadius: 8.3 out of 10

While, overall, clients seemed pleased with the software and hardware performance, a few downsides stand out. For one, the setup process on Linux OS was complex, and documentation isn’t as in-depth as many technical clients would like it to be.

Industry Recognition of Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is an industry giant that has been recognized multiple times in the networking market.

In 2021, Juniper Networks was awarded the Leading Lights Award in three categories: Best Deal Maker, Most Innovative SD-WAN Product and Service Evolution, and Outstanding Use Case: Service Provider for AI and Automation. 

The same year, Gartner named Juniper a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure.

Juniper Networks in the Networking Market

Juniper Networks has had a steady presence in the market.

It had the fifth biggest market share in computer networks infrastructure at 3.92%, sitting behind several competitors, including Cisco, General Cable Corp, Commscope Holding Company, and Arris International.

Juniper is expected to focus more of its resources on developing networking software rather than hardware and make use of AI and ML to manage future networks.

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