Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Jailbreak iPhone/iPod Touch Automatically, No Computer Required

You no longer need a host computer to turn a jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch with firmware 1.1.2 into a jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch with Apple’s latest firmware, 1.1.3, installed. Jailbreaking allows users of these Apple devices to run third-party applications directly on their iPhond/iPod touch, instead of just through the Safari web browser from a remote location.

Introduced by the iPhone dev team, the new jailbreak – called Official 1.1.3 Upgrader – works by cracking Apple’s application-signing method, which (unfortunately) may have negative consequences when it comes time to install official, Apple approved software. Rather than a PC or Mac, all that’s required to set this jailbreak upgrade in motion is Wi-Fi connection and an outlet, the latter to make sure your iPhone/iPod touch’s power source doesn’t poop out in the middle of installation.

For directions how to install this jailbreak, see here. Remember, the new computer-less 1.1.3 jailbreak method is only for those who’ve already jailbroken their 1.1.2 iPhone/iPod touch. If you haven’t jailbroken 1.1.3 yet – or if simply require more detailed directions – head over here. We recommend you check out the info at the previous link first, however.

As we’ve mentioned before, performing any type of unofficial software upgrade, especially a jailbreak, isn’t for the faint of heart. Jailbreaks, in particular, have been known to cause trouble for some iPhon/iPod touch users. They do open up a whole new world of applications to the user, though. So the risk, for many, is worth the potential benefit.

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