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10 Reasons the iPad 4 Will Be the Tablet to Buy

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Apple’s new iPad hasn’t even been on store shelves for much more than a month, but already the device is taking the world by storm. Sales are skyrocketing, Apple is having trouble keeping up with demand, and just about every analyst believes it’ll be the company’s top-selling tablet of all time. And all the while, competitors are wondering why they can’t quite keep up.

When one looks at what the new iPad comes with, it’s easy to see why Apple has been so successful. The tablet boasts 4G LTE connectivity and Apple’s Retina Display. Add that to an improved camera and the fact that Apple itself is selling the slate, and it’s no wonder the new iPad is dominating the tablet space.

But for many customers that have yet to buy the new iPad, perhaps it’s a good time to consider holding off. Everyone knows that Apple will launch a new iPad next year, and that device will likely come with many of the features customers had hoped would be available in the new iPad. Simply put, the iPad 4 might just be the tablet to buy.

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1. It’ll Have Siri

One of the biggest issues with the new iPad is that it doesn’t support Siri. Instead, Apple launched the device with voice dictation, providing some of Siri’s features but not all of them.

In the iPad 4, expect Apple to offer Siri. The software is the future of Apple’s user experience, and it must eventually be made available on the company’s tablet.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

2. A Bigger Display, Perhaps?

There has been much talk about Apple eventually launching an iPad with a bigger display. The new iPad comes with the same 9.7-inch screen found in previous iterations, but adds Retina display support.

As more tablets launch with bigger screen sizes — Toshiba just announced a 13-inch slate, for example — Apple might have no choice but to deliver a bigger screen in the iPad 4. And consumers and enterprise users can capitalize on that.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

3. More Storage

Apple has positioned the new iPad as a replacement for the laptop. But in order for the iPad 4 to be considered a true laptop replacement, it’ll need to come with far more storage than what is available right now. Expect one of Apple’s iPad 4 models to come with 128GB of storage — and the enterprise to jump at the chance to store more content on the slate.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

4. Better Camera, For Sure

Looking around the Web, it’s clear that Apple’s mobile devices are ideal solutions for people who want to snap quick photos or videos. That’s precisely why Apple delivered an improved camera in the new iPad.

Next year, expect the company to do the same with the iPad 4, and offer up a camera that comes with at least 8-megapixel resolution and panorama support.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

5. The A6 Processor

Apple made the surprising decision in the new iPad to includes the A5X processor, a chip that comes with dual-core processing power, but quad-core graphics. In the iPad 4, Apple will almost undoubtedly offer the long-rumored A6 chip, which will add quad-core processing power to the quad-core graphics. More processing power means better performance. And that’s something both consumers and enterprise users are looking for in today’s marketplace.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

6. Finally, A New Design

Over the last two iPad generations, Apple has kept the same design. With the iPad 4, the company will likely deliver something new.

Sure, that’s what people were saying about the new iPad before its launch, but consider that Apple has never let an iPhone or iPad come with the same design for more than two years. That’s enough for anyone to believe something new is coming — and want it.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

7. iOS 6 (Or 6.1?)

OK, so this one might not be going out on a ledge, but Apple will be bringing iOS 6.1 to the next iPad. The operating system will likely launch later this year, and boast a host of improvements over iOS 5.1. Waiting a year for the new iPad means getting all the benefits of the new software when it’s available.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

8. A True Laptop Replacement?

When Microsoft launches Windows 8 later this year, the company plans to show off a host of tablets running the software. Depending on how well they perform on store shelves, Apple might have no choice but to dramatically improve the iPad 4 and make it a true laptop replacement, similar to the Windows 8 slates.

Waiting to see how the market plays out might be a good idea for future iPad buyers.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

9. Another Year, Thousands of More Apps

One of the nicest things about waiting a year for a new iPad — besides saving the cash, of course — is taking advantage of all of the new applications that have launched. With each new iPad launch, new apps come out or apps are improved, taking advantage of the device’s new features. If you’re not satisfied with all the apps in the App Store right now, wait a year and see how things look when the new iPad launches.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4


10. Consider Apple’s New iPad

It’s unlikely that Apple spent too much of its time thinking about the new iPad. The device comes with the same design as its predecessor, but adds a couple of components the previous device didn’t have.

Given Apple’s history and penchant for major updates, isn’t it possible that the iPad 4 might just deliver the shock value the new iPad lacks? Maybe, just maybe, the new iPad was a precursor for something bigger and grander next year.

ipad 4, apple iPad 4

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