Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Oracle VM 3.0 Challenges VMware

VMware has been the 500-pound gorilla of virtualization sector, but other vendors are actively working to change this. Oracle’s new VM 3.0 release is a prime example. 

Oracle is advancing its virtualization strategy with the release of Oracle VM 3. The new virtualization technology is designed to expand on Oracle’s previous efforts with a clear focus on server virtualization.

“We care about running big server VMs,” Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president Linux and Virtualization Engineering, Oracle said during a launch event for Oracle VM 3.0. “We want to enable customers to virtualize everything.”

As part of that move towards virtualizing everything, Oracle VM 3.0 includes improved management software. Oracle’s Adam Hawley, senior director of product management for Oracle VM told InternetNews.com that the new release provide new policy-based management and automation for Oracle VM.

“We’ve had the ability to do live migration since the beginning with the ability to manually move a virtual machine from one server to another,” Hawley said. “What we’re providing now is the ability to automate migration based on server load.”

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