Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Cisco Pushes Forward with Open-Source Strategy [VIDEO]

For the last year, Lauren Cooney has been running open source strategy for the Chief Technology and Architecture Office at Cisco. Cooney’s career includes time spent at some of the biggest IT vendors in the world, including Microsoft as well as rival networking vendor Juniper, but the Cisco experience for her is a bit different, especially in terms of open source.

In a video interview, Cooney discusses why Cisco is investing in open source and how it determines whether a project can work on Github alone, or if it needs a broad foundation to support it.

Cooney noted that over the past year, Cisco has expanded its open source investments to over 20 projects. The investments are not financial, but rather are code, staff as well as infrastructure support. Among Cisco’s open-source efforts is Project Mantl, which is a platform for getting started with microservices.

“We’re investing heavily in open source,” Cooney said.

Watch the full video interview with Lauren Cooney below:

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