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How Private Cloud is Used by ConsultCRM, Suncorp, Netrivals, Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin, and Hand in Hand India: Case Studies

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The private cloud allows businesses to harness the benefits of cloud computing alongside the security of traditional on-premises data storage and IT services.

This can lead to improved performance, more control, and more secure data.

Moreover, the private cloud is seen as a step forward from outdated legacy systems. Organizations need a way to update, expand, and improve their computing infrastructure, without relinquishing features, like access control, customization, regulatory compliance, and data protection.

See below to learn how organizations and IT teams in various industries are using private cloud technology:

1. ConsultCRM

ConsultCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) provider and Gold Microsoft Partner that works with an extensive variety of clients. The ConsultCRM team partnered with Datanet for infrastructure hosting and expanded its offerings to include private cloud options that met the unique needs of its many clients.

Industry: Sales

Use case: ConsultCRM used private cloud technologies to improve software deployment and reduce costs for clients. This meant ConsultCRM could deliver a range of technical, commercial, and end-user benefits with the strengths of on-premises and cloud environments.

Outcomes: ConsultCRM’s clients gained increased customization and control over their computing resources. They were able to save money by only paying for the services they needed. In addition, the private cloud gave ConsultCRM better control over the rollout of new software versions, resulting in a better client experience. And ConsultCRM’s partner, Datanet, used the private cloud to ensure regular and secure backups were frequently completed, helping to protect client data without any added pressure on clients.

2. Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin

Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin (BMWB) is a Texas-based law firm serving business clients across numerous niches, from financial institutions to nonprofits. BMWB partnered with cloud provider Uptime Practice to rebuild with the private cloud after an on-premises server crash resulted in a week-long shutdown and extensive data loss.

Industry: Law

Use case: BMWB needed to securely and dependably store and access sensitive legal information from various devices and multiple offices. They also required private data storage that was completely independent from on-premises servers and capable of redundant backups. BMWB wanted to make sure that they never suffered a crippling server crash again, so backups and security were top priorities.

Outcomes: Burdett Morgan Williamson & Boykin was able to easily shift from its legacy data storage and IT services to modern private cloud infrastructure. The transition to the private cloud allowed the law firm to communicate much better between its different offices. Moreover, the private cloud server allowed it to deploy a new practice management application that offered a better client experience. Most importantly, BMWB improved its data security, eliminating the danger of another on-premises server crash.

3. Hand in Hand India

Hand in Hand India is part of Hand in Hand International, a nonprofit organization that serves poor and impoverished children and women worldwide. Slow and outdated IT infrastructure was holding back Hand in Hand’s impact and growth in India, so it turned to the private cloud for a new solution.

Sector: Nonprofit

Use case: Hand in Hand India, like many nonprofit organizations, needed high-performance, low-cost IT infrastructure that would be easy to scale as its operations expanded throughout the country. The private cloud was the perfect solution because it could deliver high-speed performance and reliable disaster recovery alongside flexibility for growth. Additionally, the private cloud could ensure dependable privacy for handling sensitive personal information.

Outcomes: Hand in Hand India used the private cloud to gain a 99.9% uptime guarantee and reduce expenses due to its cloud provider’s pay-per-use model. The private cloud allowed Hand in Hand’s teams all over India to have quick and reliable access to IT resources, improving the quality of the support and programs they could provide. At the same time, it gained access to real-time data backups, and the use of the private rather than the public cloud ensured all that data was secure.

Reliable data infrastructure and dependable security are crucial for organizations like Hand in Hand India, which need people to trust them in order to provide assistance. Thanks to the private cloud, Hand in Hand India can promise the people they serve that their information will be safe and secure while also ensuring that Hand in Hand teams will have the accessibility they need to maximize their positive impact.

4. Suncorp Group

Suncorp Group is one of the largest financial institutions in Australia, offering insurance, banking, life insurance, and wealth management services. It recognized the potential of the cloud for delivering mission-critical applications and used a virtual private cloud through Amazon Web Services to build innovative apps.

Industry: Financial services

Use case: The unique infrastructure of the virtual private cloud involves a simulated private cloud composed of an allocation of resources and storage within a larger public cloud. Many businesses, like Suncorp Group, benefit from the greater resource availability and cost-effectiveness of a virtual private cloud. It offers more security than the public cloud but more flexibility than a fully private one. Suncorp Group used AWS to rapidly launch a virtual private cloud for migrating and deploying applications.

Outcomes: Suncorp Business Services CEO Jeff Smith outlined the vision behind Suncorp’s use of cloud computing and what it could accomplish with it. Suncorp’s team migrated numerous data-streaming applications, online apps, and analytics to its virtual private cloud in only three months. By month 18, it had successfully migrated a sprawling collection of 2,000 applications. All these applications in its virtual private cloud allowed Suncorp to go live with a massive application offering for clients.

5. Netrivals

Netrivals is a Spain-based company offering price intelligence and market analysis tools. Its on-premises computing infrastructure lacked the performance, scalability, and connectivity it needed to deliver its services. The private cloud was able to meet its needs while also prioritizing stability and customer security.

Industry: Software

Use case: Netrivals offers marketing SaaS, so computational power was a major priority. On-premises infrastructure simply could not keep up with its computing needs in a cost-effective, scalable way. However, it did need a dependable and secure solution since it was handling important customer data through its software. Private database servers allowed it to access the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing security.

Outcomes: Netrivals was able to use the private cloud to accomplish major goals with its marketing SaaS. For example, Netrivals’ SaaS processes over 35 billion photo comparisons in its cloud infrastructure every day. It can use the private cloud to offer data confidentiality guarantees alongside service availability promises.

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