Sunday, November 27, 2022

HP’s Christian Verstraete: The Value of Hybrid Cloud Computing

What’s the best solution for most companies, a public cloud or a private cloud? In the view of Christian Verstraete, HP Chief Technologist for Cloud Strategy, the best answer for most firms is a combination of the two, a hybrid cloud.

In a wide-ranging interview conducted over Skype, Verstraete – who clearly enjoys talking about tech – spoke about many cloud-related topics (see video below).

Cloud Storage and Backup Benefits

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Known as an expert on cloud security, he gave advice to firms concerned about the safety of their data in the cloud. He also put himself in the shoes of an IT manager shopping for a cloud computing solution, and provided some guidance for this process. Lastly – and most refreshingly for a vendor – he spoke about the importance of avoiding vendor lock-in. Keep your options open, he advised.

The video interview runs about 8 minutes:

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