Sunday, January 29, 2023

Tech Salaries: Ten Leading Jobs

Finding reliable tech salary data is notoriously difficult. Among the problems: HR departments acknowledge that, in responding to salary surveys, there’s often a mismatch between job titles and actual job content.

Foote Partners, based on New Canaan, CT., corrects for this deficiency by reclassifying surveyed participants to match job title and content before including data into the salary compilation engine. Additionally, Foote has access to some 65,000 IT staffers at more than 1,800 companies.

Consequently, the Foote salary numbers below, from Q1 2007, are a revealing portrait of actual tech pay levels.

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Information Architect. Average salary: $92,992.

Manager, Business Systems Analysis. Average salary: $118, 829.

Sr. Business Technology Consultant. Average salary: $135,275.

Help Desk Manager. Average salary: $80,372.

Data Warehouse/BI Management Specialist. Average salary: $113,381.

Web Systems Manager. Average salary: $108,110.

IT Security Manager. Average salary: $108,241.

Network Engineering Manager. Average salary: $112,723.

Sr. Java Developer. Average salary: $92,570.

E-Commerce Project Manager/Coordinator. Average salary: $92,992.

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