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IT Salary Tracker: NetWare professionals

Novell Inc.’s March 2000 update, from NetWare 5.0 to 5.1, added a number of interesting new features to an already established networking environment. Notable among the new bells and whistles are IBM’s WebSphere 3.0, Oracle 8i, Windows 2000 compatibility, and the NetWare Management Portal (allowing server administration through a browser). Added to existing NetWare features such as Zero Effort Networking (ZENWorks), storage-management services, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol support, the upgrade to NetWare 5.1 will likely prompt a continued demand for NetWare’s set of server applications–and for the IT professionals who know how to manage them.

Dice.com, our sister site and an Internet job board for IT professionals, contained 430 job openings for IT pros with NetWare experience in March 2000. Salaries and contract rates were highest in New York, where salaried NetWare pros made $74,500 per year on average and contractors pulled in an average of $56 an hour.

Data came from the available jobs listed during March 2000 and results are based on averages or totals from the following information at dice.com: salary, job type, job skills, and location.

Highest salary by city (average):
New York, $74,500 yearly salary

Highest hourly contract rate by city (average):
New York, $56 per hour

Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker
NetWare professionals: average salaries by city

Source: Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker/March 2000

Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker
NetWare professionals: average hourly contract rates by city

Source: Datamation/dice.com IT Salary Tracker/March 2000

Chart data compiled by Laurie Souza.



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