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IT Salary: Information Architect

IT Salary: Information Architect

(Salary data and job descriptions courtesy of Foote Partners.)

Q1 2007 Data:

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Job Description:

The Information Architect facilitates the development, implementation and maintenance of standards, guidelines and statements of direction for company IT system architectures, establishing a framework that constrains the design of systems for the purpose of integration of systems and accessibility of data supporting various interdependent business processes and functions. The incumbent works closely with applications system architects, data architects, network technologists, business analysts and other stakeholders to ensure consensus on direction, in line with global strategies for future integration.

Desirable Experience:

• Bachelor’s degree in Business or Computer Sciences or equivalent. Master’s degree desirable.

• 5 years or more experience developing integrated systems across multiple hardware and software platforms; designing content classification schemes, taxonomies, advanced search and navigation functionality.

• Experience with enterprise content management and/or enterprise portal applications is a plus.

•3 years experience in project management.

• Strong system development methodology skills in multi-user, multi-platform, multitasking operating systems environments.

•Broad business functional knowledge and the ability to negotiate agreement across viewpoints. Specific industry knowledge appropriate to the employer is highly desirable.

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills, analytical problem solving, process facilitation, influence management, planning and organization and interpersonal skills.

• Experience in IT strategic planning and large project planning and management is desirable.

• Highly desirable certifications for this position may include the following:

– IT Certified Architect(ITCA/Open Group)

– Citrix Certified Integration Architect

– Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java Platform

– Citrix Certified Integration Architect

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