Friday, July 30, 2021

E-commerce Positions On The Rise As Demand For Y2K Skills Declines

E-commerce Positions On The Rise As Demand For Y2K Skills Declines
Datamation/Dice Salary Survey of 15,000 respondants indicates companies are beginning to plan for the post Y2K world of e-business

The demand for IT workers skilled in Web development and e-commerce applications is rising dramatically as corporate technology planners begin to build and deploy new systems that will help their companies compete in the e-business arena. Conversely, the demand for Cobol programmers and others involved in Y2K remediation work is steadily declining as companies begin to wind down their coding and testing efforts.

These observations were drawn from a survey of 15,000 participants over the past three months conducted by, Datamation’s sister Web site for IT professionals. has one the largest online listings of information technology positions in the U.S.

The Datamation/Dice Salary Survey also indicates that contract workers are earning more than permanent IT staffers, and men continue to earn more than woman for comparable positions. For more details on the survey findings see http://www.datamation/staff/dicearchive.html.

The weekly Datamation/Dice IT Salary Trackers feature found in Datamation’s Staff IT section, highlights hot new career and staffing trends. To view our archived data on salary trends for various IT professions such as Java programmer and database administrator salaries and job demand, see http://www.datamation/staff/dicearchive.html.

In addition, offers IT professionals the ability to search on our jobs database of over 120,000 positions based on job category, salary and region. See

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