Top 10 Cities to Find Certified IT Pros

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A new report from Brainbench detailing the concentrations of certified IT pros in ten key skills areas finds that San Francisco has overtaken Seattle/Tacoma for the highest "IT IQ".

New additions to this year's tech-savvy metro areas -those with the highest concentrations of certified IT pros- include New York/New Jersey/Connecticut, Washington/Baltimore and Denver/Boulder.

The Brainbench Global IT IQ Report ranks the concentrations of IT skills around the world. In addition to showing country data, the report details the IT skills base within major metropolitan areas within the U.S. for 2001.

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For the U.S. portion of the report, the Chantilly, Va.-based Brainbench mined its database of almost five million tests and certifications in ten skills areas: Active Server Pages, C, C++, Computer Technical Support, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, Java 1, Java 2, Javascript and Network Technical Support.

The total number of all certified professionals was calculated for more than 200 metropolitan statistical areas within the U.S. and ranked according to the total number of certifications received.

The top ten U.S. metropolitan areas are:

  • 1. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose
  • 2. New York/Northern/New Jersey/Long Island/Connecticut
  • 3. Washington/Baltimore
  • 4. Chicago/Gary/Lake County
  • 5. Dallas/Fort Worth
  • 6. Los Angeles/Anaheim/Riverside
  • 7. Atlanta
  • 8. Detroit/Ann Arbor
  • 9. Seattle/Tacoma
  • 10. Denver/Boulder

Metropolitan areas dropping off this year's list include Raleigh/Durham, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee/Racine, Greensboro/Winston-Salem/Highpoint, St. Louis, Austin, Dayton/Springfield, and Las Vegas.

"We have seen tremendous growth in demand for certifications over the last year, and the new Global IT IQ Report shows how strongly IT professionals in leading metropolitan areas are embracing the credibility that comes with certification," said Mike Russiello, Brainbench's president and CEO. "When you couple this data with the fact that in our recent salary survey of certified IT professionals out-earned their non-certified counterparts, it becomes clear that people are receiving certifications because they have true professional and economic benefits."

Russiello said employers are also finding that there are uses for certification that go beyond a strict skills assessment. Many firms, he said, are now using certifications in order to better redeploy staff resources, as well as to bring more focus to their training efforts.

Brainbench also collected statistics on the nations with the most certified IT pros. The top-10 list includes:

  • 1. United States
  • 2. India
  • 3. Russian Federation
  • 4. Ukraine
  • 5. Canada
  • 6. Romania
  • 7. United Kingdom
  • 8. Bulgaria
  • 9. Pakistan
  • 10. Australia

Brainbench has more than 3.5 million registered users and provides more than 360 professional online certification exams and employment assessments in information technology, finance, sales, administration, healthcare and other categories.

Roy Mark is managing editor of DC.internet.com, where this story first appeared.

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