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Emma Crockett is a writer for Datamation and Enterprise Storage Forum based in Nashville, Tennessee. She writes research-based articles about data science and data storage. When she is not writing, she is searching for the best lattes in Nashville and playing with her dog, Dante.

enterprise software

Open Source Software: Top Sites

Open source software is a type of software that allows anyone to view the code, and then use the code to contribute to or...
A team of employees work together on a project.

How AI is Being Used in Education

The educational technology sector has begun to adopt AI-powered solutions, but schools and colleges were slow to fully embrace the technologies until the pandemic...
Cybersecurity protecting data in a network.

Cloud Security Market Q&A With Parag Bajaria of Qualys

Enterprise cloud use cases are changing and expanding, and companies are now realizing new security challenges that need to be resolved.  Cloud security solutions can...
A network with multiple nodes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Supply Chains

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) is one way supply chain professionals are solving key issues and improving global operations.  AI-enhanced tools are being used throughout supply...
SD-WAN Products

What is a Thin Client? Types, Uses & Examples

A thin client is a computer system used to run applications where most of the actual processing is done on a remote server linked...
Network segmentation concept.

How to Segment Your Network: 7 Steps

Network segmentation can be a great way to prevent single points of failure within your network. Learn how to implement it now.
data management

Data Management Q&A With Young Pham of CI&T

As businesses grow, their data load increases significantly, making data management a priority for any organization. Data management can include cloud and on-premises data...
Data classification concept.

How to Conduct Data Classification: 6 Steps

Effective data classification can be challenging to implement. We've outlined the essential steps to make the process easier for you.
IT security policy concept.

IT Security Policy: Definition, Types & How to Create One

IT security policies are organizations' guidelines for how to implement and operate secure technology & data. Read our ultimate guide now.
IBM logo.

Data Science Q&A With Aakanksha Joshi of IBM

Companies are using data science to study their data and make better business decisions through programming, modeling, data analytics, visualization, machine learning (ML), and...