Saturday, December 3, 2022

Microsoft Powers Up Windows CE

Microsoft Corp. has released the latest version of its Windows CE .Net embedded operating system.

Version 4.1 is designed to bring more of Microsoft’s .Net technology into the sized-down Windows software, the operating system used for handheld devices, refrigerators and an army of other small machines. The update is available now.

The new version builds on the few services that came with the initial release of Windows CE .Net this past winter instant messaging and Passport authentication. Version 4.1 adds support for Ipv6, the latest version of the Internet protocol, and support for speech recognition. It also adds support for viewing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.

Microsoft also says Version 4.1 has better Web browsing capabilities, with Internet Explorer running up to 15% faster than on the last version. The software giant also says the performance of Windows Media video playback has improved up to 20%.

Hitachi Ltd., NEC Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. are reportedly working with the Windows CE .Net update and are in the planning and development stages of devices that will use the operating system.

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