Saturday, December 3, 2022

IE8 Browser ‘Complete and Done’

IE 8, Microsoft, RC1

Microsoft posted the first Release Candidate (RC1) for its Internet Explorer 8 browser, as hinted by

“Release Candidate” status means the product is done and now Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is looking for showstopper bugs. The product is otherwise feature and functionality complete. In announcing the RC, IE General Manager Dean Hachamovitch said the product is effectively “complete and done.”

Developers can expect the final IE8 release “to behave as the release candidate does,” so it’s ready for application testing. Hachamovitch seemed to indicate there would not be a second release candidate for IE, just the final code.

“Our next step, after listening to feedback from the final testing feedback from the community, is releasing the final product. We will be very selective about what changes we make between the Release Candidate and the final product, and very clear in communicating them. We will act on the most critical issues,” he wrote.

The last release for IE came in 2006 with Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft had sworn not to allow any more six year lags take place between releases like it had done with IE6, which languished for years as Mozilla’s Firefox crept up on it.

Microsoft said it focused on the user interface and experience with this release. The release candidate features a smart address bar for better organizing of links, enhanced page searching, improved tab performance and navigation as well as a number of security enhancements.

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