Sunday, January 29, 2023

Enterprise Software Sales Surged to $245 billion in 2010

Given that the last few years have seen lackluster sales numbers, the recent increase in enterprise software sales is a major bright spot for the tech industry. Stuart Johnston reports.

The enterprise software market grew by a surprising 8.5 percent worldwide in 2010, at least partly based on strong sales in Latin America and Asia/Pacific markets, according to a new report.

Total revenue for enterprise software hit $245 billion last year, according to a report by analyst firm Gartner released today. An 8.5 percent growth rate is a far cry from 2009, when the industry overall shrank 2.5 percent to only $226 billion.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) led the list of top performers with a total of some 22.4 percent market share that yielded $57.4 billion in enterprise sales.

Coming in second, IBM (NYSE: IBM) pulled down a 10.4 percent share and brought in $25.4 billion, a statement accompanying Gartner’sreport said.

However, Gartner noted that accounting for the two companies’ share and revenues were driven by different sales models.

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