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Create a Record in DNS from a TXT File

Author: Eugenio Talarico – eugeniotalarico at vodafone dot it

Platform: Windows

Type: Windows Script


The BAT file creates a series of records into DNS. It uses the LISTA.TXT file as input, wherein you have to specify the name of the record and its value.

If you open the BAT file you’ll see that after DNSCMD you have to also specify a server that contains the zone (SERVERNAME), the parameter /RecordADD to add the record, and the ZONE.

You can also dictate whether the record you want to add is a HOST or an ALIAS. To do so, you have to place the following between the RECORD_NAME and the value XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX or alias:


so the result of the string inside the input.txt reads as:




Download LocationLink

Scroll down to view the script.

Script Code:


for /f "tokens=1-3 delims=;" %%a in (input.txt) do (dnscmd SERVERNAME/RecordAdd ZONE_WHERE_ADD_RECORD %%a %%b %%c >>insert.log)

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