Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Choosing an Enterprise Meeting-Webinar Solution: Expert Tips

In the collaborative world we live in, the enterprise meeting/webinar solution plays a key role. Using online meeting software, teams of staffers can work together closely even though they are geographically separate.

The key players in this market include Zoom, Webex, GoToWebinar and others. To shed light on the topic, I spoke with Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer at Zoom. While Gal discussed Zoom, he also offered advice about what companies should look for in a solution. Additionally, he predicted what he sees as future trends in the webinar market.

Scroll down below to see highlights from our conversation.

Enterprise Meeting-Webinar Solutions: Key Points

Below are edited highlights from Oded Gal:

  • A great feature to look for: “the ability to integrate with other systems, for example, marketing automation, where you can integrate into Marketo or HubSpot, so that you can create a user base in those marketing automation tools and then it automatically get exported…”
  • A future trend: “Really analyzing reactions and sentiments of users during the actual event…the ability to understand the user attention so we can measure whether or not the user is watching the presentation screen itself. And by doing so, we know that they’re paying attention and we can provide a report by the end of the session, to the organizer of the event: What is the percentage of people that paid attention to that specific event?”
  • Webinars beyond marketing: So, one trend that we see is people use webinars, not just for marketing, but for internal communication. For example, a large all-hands [meeting] and that people from home can join, on their laptop or mobile device. Also people that are in the office, they come to maybe a cafeteria or a conference room where they can watch the all-hands…”

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