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A Fresh Breath For Event Processing

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Two of the prime pure-play startups in the complex event processing (CEP)
software space have made over their platforms in time for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) tech show this week in
New York City.

StreamBase Systems and Coral8 today unveiled the fifth versions of
their CEP platforms, which are designed to help financial traders,
telecommunications outfits and other businesses write applications that can
process thousands of transactions in real time.

StreamBase, it just so happens, is one of the fastest in the business,
processing hundreds of thousands of messages per second per CPU.

CEO Barry Morris said StreamBase 5.0, which uses a graphical CEP and Java
application development environment, supports more multimedia data types,
and includes advanced pattern matching, security and integration with
several popular development environments.

Morris told that StreamBase 5.0 is symbolic of a maturing

“It’s not anymore about how StreamBase is 10 times faster than the next-fastest platform. It’s about successes in the market. We’re deployed in
everything across financial markets right through to massively multi-user
games and big federal projects.”

The new platform, based on the open source Eclipse IDE, lets programmers
extend their StreamBase CEP applications via Java-based custom operators and
integrations with external systems, said Mike Waclawiczek, senior vice
president of products for StreamBase.

Incidentally, those programming on StreamBase 5.0 can also now access
Eclipse plug-ins, specifically those for source code version control; task
management; graphical UI development and integration; XML editors; and SQL
design tools.

“You can download these Eclipse plug-ins, stick them in our environment and
we just work with them,” Morris said.

Waclawiczek also said the StreamBase StreamSQL language also has new
pattern-matching capabilities.

These let users develop applications that recognize patterns within single
event streams or across multiple parallel streams in real-time or over an
extended time interval. Pattern recognition perks are valuable for thwarting
fraud and money laundering among other things.

The development platform also includes an Algorithmic Trading Framework
designed to speed the delivery of applications for trading strategies,
execution strategies and real-time transaction cost analysis.

StreamBase 5.0 also now integrates bi-directionally with Adobe Flex,
Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation, Java Swing, and Eclipse SWT.
StreamBase 5.0 Chronicle also offers a new persistence framework to provide
read/write integration with IBM DB2, Sybase RAP and Vertica.

On the multimedia front, StreamBase 5.0 also now supports Binary Large
Objects (BLOBs) (define) for multimedia applications.

“It wouldn’t be anything exciting if you talked about BLOB support in the
context of relational databases, but for StreamBase, it really opens up a new
realm for applications,” Waclawiczek said, referring to video streams.

Finally, StreamBase 5.0, due before Sept. 30, also includes
network data encryption, user authentication through integration with LDAP
servers and role-based authorization.

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