Monday, February 6, 2023

Users Clueless About Malware, Careless About Security Measures: Survey

eWeek: Two new surveys reveal that users don’t really understand online risks all that well. The first survey, by G Data Software found that 40 percent of users believed adult content sites were riskier than hobby-related sites, when the reverse is actually true. In addition, most users did not realize that not all malware causes system shutdowns or slowing, which can make it difficult to detect. Also, 19 percent of respondents would click most links on social networking sites, making them easy targets.

The second survey, by GFI Software, found that users’ lack of appropriate security practices at home could jeopardize enterprise security. For example, 90 percent said they use their work computers for non-work purposes, and a third let their children use their work computers. “Home Internet use is a source of significant risk, not only to families, but also to employers,” said GFI Software’s Alex Eckelberry.

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