Monday, September 20, 2021

OEMs to Spend More on Semiconductors for Wireless Than PCs in 2011, Says IHS

DigiTimes: In yet another sign of the growing importance of smartphones and tablets, researchers at IHS iSuppli predict that manufacturers will spend more on chips for wireless devices this year than they will on chips for PCs. Specifically, they say OEMs will spend $55.4 billion on semiconductors for wireless devices but just $53.1 billion for semiconductors to be used in PCs. They also forecast that the gap between the two will widen in 2012.

“Led by Apple’s iPhone and iPad, demand is booming for smartphones and tablet devices,” said IHS analyst Wenlie Ye. “This is spurring a surge in sales of semiconductors used in wireless devices, including baseband chips, applications processors and mobile memory. With overall sales growth for PCs slowing, the balance of power in the semiconductor industry is shifting toward the wireless segment.”

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