Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Microsoft CEO Says ‘Reimagining’ Both Windows and Entire Company

Wall Street Journal: At a Dell conference in Australia, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the crowd that the company is “reimagining” Windows and transforming itself to take advantage of new innovations like cloud computing. “The constant tension in any business that’s innovation based is how do you build off a base of technology, brand and customer experience that was great yesterday and yet be constantly moving to embrace the things that are important for tomorrow,” Ballmer said. “I think there’s a real sophistication and importance in doing that.”

Ballmer talked about Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, the cloud version of Office, expansions to the Dynamics suite, Microsoft’s mobile initiatives and Windows 8 for servers as examples of the way the company is changing. “On the server side, the whole world is going cloud,” he said.

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