Saturday, May 28, 2022

Best of Executive Tech, Part 2

Here’s Part Two of our year-end “Greatest Hits” collection of Executive Tech columns – all readers’ favorites. Happy holidays!

IE 7 Unbalances QuickBooks
If you install IE 7, according to Intuit executives, it can cause the affected versions of the QuickBooks small-business bookkeeping package to display “page not found” errors and unexpectedly crash.

Free Software (Just Pay Here)
If a publication runs advertisements for various companies, you pretty much expect that those ads are from legitimate businesses, right?

How ETFs Are Changing the Market

These new investment vehicles are allowing greater choice and flexibility for investors.

Clip & Copy Provides Free News Alerts

Clip & Copy hopes to provide free news links daily or weekly on any topic that you can conceive of.

Farecast Helps You Predict Cheap Flights

You know about travel search engines that display the lowest fares airlines are offering today. Now there’s a travel engine that can read the airlines’ minds.

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