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Apple’s iPhone 5: 10 Predictions

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Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to launch later this year. And when it does, you can pretty much expect everyone from today’s most Apple-loving consumers to enterprise users to jump at the chance to adopt the device. As with any Apple launch, the iPhone 5 will captivate folks around the globe.

However, as in the past, Apple has been tight-lipped about its plans for the next iPhone. Rumors have, of course, swirled, but so far, none of them can be corroborated. At this point, there’s no telling what Apple has planned for the iPhone 5, and it has no plans to tell anyone.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t start to speculate. Apple likes to learn from the past and follow similar decisions that made sense. Therefore, if one examines some of the decisions the company has made in the past, we can perhaps predict what features the iPhone 5 will sport when it launches later this year.

So, in the following slides, we’re going to take a walk down the iPhone 5 path and discuss what might or might not happen when Apple finally launches its next smartphone.

Check it out:

1. 4G LTE

All signs point to the iPhone 5 coming with 4G LTE. For one thing, Apple’s new iPad supports the technology. In addition, the company’s competitors are shipping with LTE support.

Combine that with comments made by China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier, which said that it’ll support the iPhone when it has TD-LTE, and there’s no reason to suggest it won’t be available in Apple’s next handset.

iphone 5, apple iphone 5


2. The Same Design

Unfortunately, Apple no longer spends too much of its money on design improvements. Instead, the company is content to offer up some new components to make its devices work better. Look for the iPhone 5 to come with the same design as its predecessor.

iphone 5, apple iphone 5

3. More Storage

When Apple launched the iPhone 4S, the company delivered a 64GB option. Now that many customers have maxed out that amount of storage, it’s quite likely the iPhone maker will ditch the 16GB model and offer up a 128GB version. As time goes on, storage requirements only increase — and Apple knows it.

iphone 5, apple iphone 5

4. Identical Pricing

Apple has historically launched new iPhones at the same price as their predecessors. The move has helped improve iPhone adoption and increase revenue for the world’s largest company. Realizing that, why would it change its policy now? Look for identical pricing to come to Apple’s iPhone 5.

iphone 5, apple iphone 5


5. An Homage to Steve Jobs

According to numerous reports, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs spent little time focusing his efforts on the iPhone 4S prior to his death. Instead, he worked with the iPhone 5. If that’s the case, expect there to be some sort of homage to Jobs when the device launches.


iphone 5, apple iphone 5

6. An End to Numbered Branding

Although it’s a good idea to use the iPhone 5 branding to discuss the next Apple smartphone, there’s a good chance the company will be dropping the number. As the iPad has shown, Apple seems to want to simply offer an iPad and iPhone and not get into unique names for each device. It follows a similar naming strategy on the Mac side where it calls each version the same name, but adds improved specs and, at times, a new design.


iphone 5, apple iphone 5

7. The Same Screen Size

Yes, there are countless devices across the mobile space that have bigger screens than the iPhone 5, but it appears that Apple’s next handset will stick with the same 3.5-inch option available in all of its predecessors. For some reason, Apple thinks the iPhone’s display is the perfect size.iphone 5, apple iphone 5

8. iOS 6

Apple has historically delivered a new version of its mobile software with each new iPhone launch. Chances are, it will do the same this time around. There’s no word yet on what iOS 6 might boast, but a few design improvements and enhanced security are a safe bet.

iphone 5, apple iphone 5

9. Improved Siri

When Apple launched Siri last year, the company made it clear that the service was still in beta and would be improved over time. When the iPhone 5 launches later this year, expect Apple CEO Tim Cook or one of his executives to talk up all the improvements in the virtual personal assistant.


iphone 5, apple iphone 5


10. A Sign of Things to Come

As mentioned, Apple likes to take ideas from previous launches to apply to subsequent product unveilings. After the company announces the iPhone 5, we can expect to use that as inspiration for its future launches. Each Apple launch is a sign of things to come.


iphone 5, apple iphone 5


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