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Top 50 iPhone 5 Apps

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Apple’s iPhone 5 has already proven successful. The device comes with a 4-inch screen, an outstandingly thin design and 4G LTE service, making it one of the leaders in the smartphone marketplace. Without the iPhone 5, it’s hard to consider what the mobile space might look like at the moment.

The iPhone 5, however, wouldn’t be as popular without all of the applications available in Apple’s App Store. With over 800,000 apps available in the marketplace, there’s something for everyone.

That said, there are precious few apps that currently support the iPhone 5. The issue is that developers must modify their apps if they want to take advantage of the iPhone 5’s larger screen. Some have already modified their apps for the iPhone 5, and some have not. And for many iPhone 5 owners, trying to search through the App Store to find programs that actually work with the screen isn’t so easy.

Luckily for those folks, we have them covered. In the following pages, we’re going to outline 50 applications that work with the larger display of the iPhone 5. Although many are wellsuited for businesses, the following apps would be ideal for anyone looking to be more productive and get some work done.

Check out some of the top iPhone 5-ready applications:

1. Tweetbot for Twitter

Tweetbot is basically a Twitter client, allowing users to read and respond to tweets, as well as to access their timelines.


2. Readability

Readability lets users save Web pages for reading offline at a later point. It works on iOS, as well as on computers.


3. iTranslate Voice

Traveling overseas to a country that speaks another language? iTranslate Voice is designed to take your spoken word and automatically translate into another language.


4. OpenTable

OpenTable is simple enough: it lets you make reservations from your iPhone 5.


5. TED

The TED Conference is one of the best entertainment options every year. That’s why its iPhone 5 app, which includes videos from tech geniuses, is so great.


6. Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search

Looking for an alternative travel search service? Check out Hipmunk – it’s one of the few travel apps that support iPhone 5.


7. Instapaper

Instapaper is one of the world’s most popular apps, allowing users to save clips from around the Web for viewing later.


8. Evernote

Evernote lets you take notes – both text and voice – and sync them across multiple devices.


9. Reeder

Are you big on news feeds, like Google Reader and Fever? If so, Reeder is for you.


NAVIGON North America

10. Navigon North America

Considering Maps is so bad, you might need a new GPS solution for the iPhone 5. Consider Navigon North America.


Atlas by Collins

11. Atlas by Collins

Atlas by Collins is one of the neatest iPhone 5 apps around, offering users the chance to explore over 200,000 places around the world.


12. Splashtop

Splashtop lets you access your Mac or PC screen from your iPhone 5.


13. Discreet Contacts Pro

Looking for some privacy? Discreet Contacts Pro combines a calculator with secret contacts to keep snoops away from your important information.


14. PDF Reader Pro Free

The name says it all. PDF Reader Pro Free lets users check out documents, as well as PDF files. And it does it for free.


15. PitchEngine

Have a really neat idea you want to share with the world? Try PitchEngine.


16. M.Dot

M.Dot helps you take your website and optimize it for mobile devices.


17. The Vault

If you want to secure your iPhone 5 data, consider checking out The Vault.


18. PM Network

Are you in the project management field? If so, check out one of the few iPhone 5-optimized magazines in Apple’s App Store, PM Network.


19. Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social network that lets you “check in” to where you are and communicate with folks around you.


20. Tim Trail

Wondering how well you’re managing your time? Tic Trail does it for you.


21. App Rank & Reviews

Are you a developer? If so, you should try out App Rank & Reviews, an app that lets you see how your program stacks up in Apple’s App ore.


22. 42 Each

42 Each is all about productivity, helping users input all of their inventory items in bulk to limit wasted time.


23. BizXpenseTracker

Those looking to track their time and mileage while on the road will want to try out BizXpenseTracker.


24. File Manager – Folder Plus

One of the biggest issues with iOS 6 is that it doesn’t come with a convenient file manager. File Manager – Folder Plus solves that problem.


25. MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone

If your company is interested in building some applications, MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone will help you do it.


26. Concur

Concur works for both consumers and enterprise users, allowing them to see just how much they spent on vacation.


27. Secure Gmail

Designed to improve Google’s e-mail security, Secure Gmail lets you quickly and more safely access the e-mail service from your iPhone 5.


28. HubSpot

HubSpot is gaining popularity as a marketing platform, and now, it works with the iPhone 5’s larger screen.


PDF Splicer for iPhone

29. PDF Splicer

As one might expect given its name, PDF Splicer lets you users edit PDF documents sent their way by colleagues.


30. Genius Scan50

Looking for an easy way to turn a document in front of you into a PDF? Try out Genius Scan.


31. VINdriven Pro

If you’re buying a new car, consider checking out VINdriven Pro, an app that lets you input a VIN number and get all kinds of access to the car’s history.


32. SmartMouth Public Speaking Toolkit

Worried about a big speaking engagement you have? SmartMouth Public Speaking Toolkit gives you all kinds of coaching points to help you out.


33. Task To Do Tools

Although iOS 6 comes with tasks and to-dos, it’s nice to have another app that does an even better job. That’s where Task To Do Tools comes in.


34. Scanner & Uploader

Scanner & Uploader is aptly named: the program lets you snap pictures and then save them as PDFs.


35. Mailroom from Cartolina

Looking for a neat way to communicate with clients? Check out Mailroom from Cartolina.


36. Change

If you’re in another country and need to know how much to pay, you need Change, a currency converter.


37. Paperless

With Paperless, you can scan everything you have in your pockets, like receipts, and save them to your iPhone.


38. GNews Free

Although it doesn’t come from Google, GNews Free will give you instant access to the stories on Google News.


39. NYTimes

This one is self-explanatory, isn’t it? The world’s most popular newspaper, The New York Times, is available in full-screen on the iPhone 5.


The Wall Street Journal app

40. The Wall Street Journal

Like its counterpart The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal app is optimized for the iPhone 5.


The Weather Channel iPhone 5 app

41. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel’s app is ready to deliver weather forecasts, news and other important information to your iPhone.


42. Stock TickerPicker

If you’re a heavy investor, check out Stock TickerPicker. The application lets users analyze stock performance in real-time.


Pulse News for iPhone

43. Pulse

Want to put all of your favorite blogs, magazines and social networks in one place? Check out Pulse.


FlightTrack iPhone 5 app

44. FlightTrack

Those looking to track flights and find out where they are over the world should check out FlightTrack.


45. LinkedIn

LinkedIn was one of the first apps to support the iPhone 5’s bigger screen. The app lets users connect with colleagues and update their social network status.


46. Facebook

Want to connect with friends on the world’s largest social network? It’s doable on the iPhone 5 with the Facebook app.


Twitter app

47. Twitter

As with the Facebook app, users can access social network friends on Twitter with the social network’s official iPhone 5-ready program.


48. Essential Travel Checklist

Traveling around the world? Essential Travel Checklist helps you keep track of everything you need to bring with you.


49. Check List Pro

Although the iPhone 5 comes with reminders and to-do lists, Check List Pro goes further with more advanced features.


50. Relax & Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold

If you want to find a way to relax, the Relax & Sleep Well app by Glenn Harrold aims at teaching users how to meditate.


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