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Data Center Errors to Avoid

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For those who think (falsely) that they have the perfect data center, read on for some enlightenment. Those who work in the data centers of their dreams might beg to differ with your fantasy. Though you may not achieve desired perfection affordably, you can come close by changing the way you handle certain aspects of your data center management. Managing a collection of computer systems is no easy task. But, through better management and proper planning that task might involve popping fewer pain pills. Here are the 10 major data center mistakes to avoid.

1. Inadequate Virtualization

If you operate a data center and haven’t caught on that virtualization saves money, you’re way behind the curve. Virtualization saves valuable rack space. It saves additional money on cooling, power and service contracts for those non-existent systems.

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2. Untapped Cloud Computing

Similar to virtualization, cloud computing requires that you obtain a clue about its capability for your company or your customers. offers flexible and scalable plans that fit into an on-demand capacity scenario. Using Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux Server Edition, for example, you can create your own private cloud or leverage’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) dynamically.

3. Design Flaws

Design flaws of a standing data center are difficult to overcome, but a redesign is less expensive than a fresh build. A 20-year-old data center still looks good, but it doesn’t perform up to today’s greener standards. You’ll also have to retrofit your electrical apparatus to handle blade systems. You’ll probably need to toss that old cooling system as well, since contemporary servers run cooler and more efficiently than their predecessors did.

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