Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Data Center Case Study: Efficiency and Consolidation

Cutting energy costs is the dream of every data center manager. Drew Robb reports on one facility’s efforts to achieve lower cost per kilowatt hour.

APC (now owned by Schneider Electric) has set up a new data center outside of St. Louis, Mo. As well as consolidating two of the company’s data centers, it is using a host of APC and Schneider Electric gear including its EcoStruxure architecture for intelligent energy management.

“EcoStruxure is an approach to creating intelligent energy management systems,” said Kevin Brown, vice president of IT Business at Schneider. “We chose St. Louis in order to have a central location for the consolidation of the many North American data centers we previously operated.”

The facility will act as a showcase of company technology in the areas of building, power, and data center infrastructure. Prospective customers will be able to view the equipment they are thinking of buying and see how well it operates in the real world. Research and development work is also part of the plan at what is known as the Schneider Electric Technology Center (SETC).

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