Tuesday, January 31, 2023

HP Expands Enterprise Security Portfolio

Is HP a security solutions company? That’s likely not the first idea that comes to mind for the average IT manager. Yet with these new offerings HP is integrating and expanding its enterprise security offering. Will a higher profile result?

Modern IT threats come from all corners. That’s why HP is now expanding its security solutions framework with a set of integrated solutions that span multiple product families within the company.

“Our expanded enterprise security solutions portfolio is much broader, wider and deeper than most people recognize,” Rebecca Lawson, director of Worldwide Security Initiatives at HP, told InternetNews.com.

Lawson noted that HP has four different categories of solutions for helping enterprises with security. There are solutions for assessing the situation, transformation services for technology and cultural approaches to security, security management and optimization of environments for security.

From an assessment perspective HP is now offering a new enterprise security assessment workshop. Lawson said that the one-day workshop works with enterprises to help them develop a roadmap for a secure infrastructure. On the services side — from the organization formerly known as EDS, now know as Enterprise Services —  several managed cloud services are debuting. One of those cloud services is the HP Secure Boardroom.

“The Boardroom is designed to take the various disparate sources of data within an enterprise and pull them into a C-level view,” Lawson said. “So you can look at all your data in one dashboard and we’ve got quite a bit of intellectual property in this technology.”

Read the rest about HP security products at eSecurity Planet.

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