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AWS vs. Palo Alto: Top Firewall Comparison

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Companies rely on cybersecurity technologies like AWS and Palo Alto Networks to protect the enterprise. And clearly the need is great: Cybercrime has been booming worldwide ever since businesses began building an online presence. One ransomware attack takes place about every fourteen seconds globally.

To safeguard one’s business and personal data from these cyber attackers, people rely on firewall security technologies from Amazon Web Services and Palo Alto Networks.

Amazon Web Services, of course, offers many services, including cloud computing and machine learning. Palo Alto, a leading security company, aims to cater to every security requirement by offering secure digital transformation.

With this in mind, here’s everything you should know about AWS and Palo Alto to choose which cybersecurity vendor is best for your business.

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AWS vs. Palo Alto at a Glance

Category AWS Palo Alto
Pricing Free version available Free version available
Best for core features
  • Analytics
  • Cloud financial management
  • Database management
  • Network security
  • Cloud-native application protection
  • Endpoint security
Best for ease of use Amazon Web Services offers solutions that are comparatively easier to understand and implement Palo Alto focuses solely on security; may require a pro to fully deploy
Best for accuracy, reliability & scalability Amazon web services is  accurate, reliable and offers good scalability Palo Alto’s deep focus on security mean it may be more challenging, but still very solid

AWS vs. Palo Alto Portfolio

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offer a range of technical and IT services to organizations seeking expertise in analytics and cloud financial management. The platform is known for cloud computing and providing database management as well as front-end expertise for websites and mobile phones.

A few well-known Amazon Web Services products include tools like AWS loT SiteWise, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS loT TwinMaker. Amazon Web Services also integrates Alexa for businesses to streamline in-house operations.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto is more focused on providing businesses with products and services to reduce and prevent cyberattacks. With services like global customer services and threat intel and incident response services, the platform has acquired quite a strong reputation among numerous businesses in the corporate world.

Palo Alto’s portfolio incorporates a variety of products for endpoint security, network security, and Cloud-Native Application Protection. The company deep focus means it’s a good fit for companies looking for a robust security solution.

AWS Palo Alto


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AWS vs. Palo Alto: Partners

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services collaborates with high profile companies in several industries, including education, industrial software, and the government. The company further partners with well-known platforms in the financial services and healthcare sectors.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto has a NextWave Partner Community comprising NextWave Partners from many industries. These include cloud service providers, security service providers, and technology partners. You can find many global systems integrators, other solution providers, and a part of the NextWave Partner Community.

AWS Palo Alto


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AWS vs. Palo Alto: Use Cases


Yamato Logistics – Yamato Logistics (HK) developed a data pipeline using Amazon S3 and leveraged Amazon QuickSight to create serverless dashboards within minutes, increasing operational efficiency and generating insights to innovate faster.

SmartSearch – SmartSearch seamlessly moved its software-as-a-service-based staffing and recruiting solutions to AWS using Application Migration Service.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse – Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a dedicated cancer hospital, enhanced health benefits for its patients by migrating electronic health records to AWS. Using AWS, it can focus resources on putting patients first.

Palo Alto

Avrasya Tüneli is a connected security platform comprising best-in-class, integrated network, endpoint, and IoT security. The company was facing issues with implementing a forward-thinking, efficient IT security strategy to protect end-to-end IT infrastructure and ensure a fast, uninterrupted journey for 50,000+ drivers daily. This issue was resolved with the Palo Alto Networks platform that comprises Strata NextGeneration Firewall (NGFW) with Threat Protection, URL Filtering, DNS, WildFire, GlobalProtect, DLP, and IoT Services.

Globe Telecom offers the following services: Mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony, broadband services, and mobile payment and remittance service (via GCash). The challenge they faced involved managing multiple vendors and siloed security functions. The company struggled to keep pace with digital transformation as well. Palo Alto offered standardized security through an end-to-end security solution providers that enabled consolidation and simplification. It offers ease of integration with the company’s evolving digital infrastructure. The company also deployed best practices to gain the benefit of business agility (reduced time and cost savings).

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AWS vs. Palo Alto: Ratings

Both Amazon Web Services and Palo Alto possess pretty high ratings from well-known platforms like Capterra and G2.

AWS Palo Alto
Gartner Peer Reviews 4.5/5 4.6/5
Capterra 5/5 NA
Trust Radius 8.6/10 8.5/10
G2 4.5/5 4.5/5

Amazon Web Services and Palo Alto: Alternatives

If you’re seeking to discover more platforms that offer similar services to Amazon Web Services and Palo Alto, here are a few you could check out:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Tenecent Cloud
  • Oracle

Bottom Line: Amazon Web Services vs. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto specializes in services that safeguard businesses from cyberattacks, while Amazon Web Services offers a range of cloud and data services in addition to security.

So Amazon Web Services provides a good choice for companies that want to bundle many services together, while Palo Alto is a good choice for firms who seek a dedicated cybersecurity provider.

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