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Solinea Gearing Up to Expand OpenStack Software and Services in 2016 [VIDEO]

The market for OpenStack services and products will likely continue to be very competitive in 2016, as vendors try and grab a slice of the cloud infrastructure pie. Among the many vendors in the space is Solinea, which is gearing up for a big product launch in 2016 that will complement the company’s existing services business.

In a video interview, Francesco Paola, CEO of Solinea, details what his company is now doing and where it is headed in the new year. Currently Solinea helps organizations to design OpenStack clouds as well as working with organizations to figure out continuous integration and continuous deployment practices.

“Today the business is services, but our strategy all along was to build out a product platform that can help operators to manage OpenStack clouds more effectively,” Paola said.

Solinea’s new platform is intended to be complementary to the existing OpenStack distributions that already exist in the market. Paola said that Solinea works with customers that piece together monitoring and management tools together from multiple sources including Splunk and Zabbix.

The way the new Solinea platform will work is by taking in log files as well as the ability to integrate with the OpenStack Ceilometer metering project.

“We’re also going to be building into the platform compliance capabilities so IT compliance, security and regulators can get reports and visibility into what their cloud is doing,” Paola said.

Paola noted that his company’s platform product has been in beta and will become generally available in 2016.

Watch the full video interview with Francesco Paola below:

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