Saturday, February 4, 2023

How the Apache Way has Influenced Open Source [VIDEO]

Brian Behlendorf is well known in the open-source community as one of the founders of the Apache Software Foundation. Today, Behlendorf serves as the Executive Director of the Hyperledger project at the Linux Foundation, though he still takes an interest in Apache.

In a video interview, Behlendorf discusses how the Apache Way continues to influence the open source movement. Among the key ways that Apache has helped to influence open source development is by having a focus on enabling a community that outlasts the original developers.

“Everyone gets tired and people want to move on to new challenges,” Behlendorf said.

In his view, the Apache Software Foundation has also served as inspiration for the Linux Foundation and the collaborative projects effort. Within Hyperledger, which is the project that Behlendorf leads, he is helping to build a group of community efforts that is in part modeled on the way Apache build its communities.

“The Apache Way is certainly about how do we form consensus on the next line of code,” Behlendorf said.

Watch the full video interview with Behlendorf below:

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