Friday, May 7, 2021

NetSuite Connects with

NetSuite has announced new integration functionality between its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financials software and customer relationship management (CRM) on-demand software.

SuiteCloud Connect for, announced Thursday, allows for bi-directional data integration and sharing between SalesForce (NYSE: CRM) and NetSuite applications, even though the two systems are hosted in two different datacenters. This will eliminate having to manually enter the same information from a customer into both systems, said NetSuite.

“We want to remove obstacles to people using NetSuite and Salesforce,” said Raghu Gnanasekaran, senior director of business development at NetSuite. “Our backbone is ERP and financials. Salesforce’s is CRM. For our customers that are using these two together, this is making it easy for these customers to get these two systems tied together.”

Account information, such as costs and pricing, sales incentives and lead generation, can be synchronized between the two, keeping all staffers up to date with information.

Visibility into back-office customer data will allow the sales team, using Salesforce CRM, to check on order status and things like service and billing issues.

SuiteCloud Connect is a group of integration applications that meld the two on-demand software packages for a best-of-breed SaaS environment. The integration was actually developed by vendors Boomi, Celigo, Pervasive Software and Cast Iron Systems, rather than NetSuite itself.

By offering this adapter, customers can potentially transition off using installed, on-premises software. “The customer might be in the cloud for CRM, but using a home grown financial solution from Sage or Peachtree or even Quicken. The opportunity for us is to be able to get additional customers of Salesforce using NetSuite and to make sure things work,” said Gnanasekaran.

Salesforce recently announced its own integration platform, the Service Cloud. It’s built on Salesforce’s application platform and leverages Salesforce’s partnerships with Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Facebook and (NASDAQ: AMZN).

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